Download Links Down: Being Repaired

The download links on MediaFire are currently down. In our experience, MediaFire had long been experiencing hiccups with account suspensions and file removals. With all that being said, we are forced to move the files to MEGA for the mean time. We all hope you try to be patient with us as it may take a couple of days to successfully restore all of the broken download links.

Why not just make another MediaFire Account?

We actually use two different MediaFire accounts for uploading the files and BOTH accounts have been suspended. With that, we believe that simply creating another account will only inevitably result in the same situation we are in right now.

Why MEGA? Why not other file hosting websites?

MEGA provides a VERY organized interface for the uploader, even more organized than MediaFire's interface. This makes it easier to upload and update download links. There are also no file size limits to MEGA and does not download the file until it has been 100% completed, that means this will stop all of the "corrupt" file reports that are due to internet connection interruptions during the download period. The only downside to this is that you can't close the tab/site while downloading, and that it won't be downloaded using your internet download manager. MEGA, we believe is also not compatible with mobile downloading, which means you probably cannot download the files using your mobile phones, unfortunately. The only way to download files from MEGA on mobile is to download their official app.

Our preferred file hosting service is that of NLSC's, however, it only has a 100 MB file size limit. ZippyShare also has a 200 MB file size limit, which just won't do for the full packs that we upload. 4Shared requires registration from the downloader and makes you wait for 60 seconds before you can finally download the link. Other websites have fake advertisements disguised as download links which makes it difficult to download. Dropbox and Google Drive have traffic limits that shut down the link when accessed by too many people, as they were not made for mass downloading.

We understand that a lot of people want to download using their internet download manager. We are open to other suggestions for an alternative to MEGA, while we do recommend that you at least try it and share your experience using it. Feel free to leave a comment on the Facebook pages for your feedback.

Re-uploading Starts Now!

The files are currently being re-uploaded as we speak. We will first re-upload Med's NBA Roster files, then PBA 2K14 files, then FIBA 2K14 files, and finally Kuroko V Slam Dunk files. We will replace the download links with the new download links as soon as the re-uploading is finished.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that you will be patient with the re-uploading. It will take, hopefully, only a couple of days to re-upload everything. Thank you everyone for staying with us! More updates to come for May!