NLSC Mirrors Being Moved to MediaFire

NLSC is down for the mean time as they are running into hosting issues. A number of changes will come to NLSC during their downtime, which include a major change regarding downloading files from the download facility for NLSC. They're getting into some financial trouble so let's show our support to The NLSC by sending a donation!

Host Movement!

NLSC is simply the greatest community on the Internet dedicated to basketball video gaming. The site is going through some financial trouble lately regarding their web hosting services. Their host has discontinued their hosting service, which made their free database allowable. Because of the host change, they will have to change hosts to still allow their download services to be free. This hosting change, however, will change one of a few things we all love about NLSC.

NLSC will not require registration for downloading files. While registration is for free, and downloading is for free as well, we do know that there are a lot of people that find this inconvenient. As you all know, we are all about convenience. While we do provide mirrors for most files, there are files that we have not provided mirrors for yet. Now, in the next few days, we will make sure to have mirrors for those files that we have uploaded on NLSC that don't have mirrors yet.

We will still continue to upload to NLSC simply because they have the best download facility available. It has the best features for downloading the Appdata Files (previous versions of the file available on the same page). We will just provide MediaFire mirrors for the other files so that those that aren't registered don't need to register. However, we definitely do recommend that you show you support to NLSC by registering if you haven't yet, and download our files from their facilities.

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For those of you who are supporters of NLSC, there will be a $100 donation requirement from the community per month. I've already sent my fair share of donations to the NLSC webmaster, so please show your support and appreciation to NLSC as well by donating to NLSC! For more information, you can check out the NLSC website itself, or contact them on Facebook or Twitter. Remember, The NLSC is where it all started for Medevenx. Without them, we wouldn't be here. If you can't donate, that's fine however!

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