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Current Version: v16.0
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Please be reminded that downloading from websites or pages other than this website may contain files that might harm your computer. PBA 2K updates are released exclusively on this website. Any PBA 2K "updates" you may find that do not come from this site are not considered as trusted sources. When downloading individual mods for PBA 2K, please make sure that you download from trusted sources only, such as members of the team behind the development of PBA 2K (Credits) or the related modders & modding teams (Related).

PBA 2K Appdata Files
NLSC Mirror MediaFire Mirror
  • Contains the necessary Roster and Sliders files for the latest update (v16.0).
  • Includes Two Variants of the Settings (All-Star & Hall of Fame)

PBA 2K Main Directory Files
Download via Full Pack
Part 1
Part 1 (Cyberfaces)
Part 2
Part 2 (Cyberfaces)
Part 3
Part 3 Jerseys
Part 4
Part 4 (Courts)
  • Contains the necessary Court, Cyberface and Jersey files.

PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboard Files
  • Contains the necessary Logo, Scoreboard, and Scoreboard Logo files for the newest update (v16.0).

PBA 2K Optional Files
  • Contains the optional icon, PBA ball, PBA presentation files for the newest update (v16.0).
  • These files overwrite your NBA 2K14 files, hence they are optional so be sure to backup your files.

Portrait File
Universal Portrait Project
  • Contains the Portrait File compatible with PBA, FIBA, NBA & Kuroko V Slam Dunk rosters.

Animations File
Seushiro's Animation Mod
  • Contains the necessary Animations file required for FIBA, PBA, NBA & Kuroko V Slam Dunk rosters.