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Greetings! I'm Medevenx™, a Filipino NBA 2K modder stationed in the Philippines, pixel artist, aspiring game designer, basketball & Dota 2 enthusiast, as well as a fan of many forms of media (movies, TV shows, anime, music, comics). Initially a custom roster developer for NBA 2K on the PC since NBA 2K13. I have been developing NBA roster updates for NBA 2K13 and now, NBA 2K14 known as "Med's NBA Roster" (formerly "Med's Ultimate Roster"). I am also the lead roster developer for the current iterations of full conversion mods such as PBA 2K, FIBA 2K, and Kuroko V Slam Dunk. Since then, I have expanded to other areas of modding, such as creating jerseys, courts (learned from Mythbuster) and other graphical mods.

Other than being an NBA 2K modder for 4 years now (entering my 5th year), I have long been a pixel artist for around 9 years now. Although I haven't participated in any pixel art projects recently, I am open to creating pixel art for commission if you are interested. I am also available as a 2D pixel art game designer if you are interested in developing a video game and in need of a pixel artist or game designer. You can visit my pixel art portfolio in my Portfolio page.

Having many hobbies and interests, on occasion there may be blog posts or news on other things besides NBA 2K mods, such as insights on basketball-related topics in the NBA, PBA, FIBA or basketball in general or reviews on other forms of media such as anime, movies, etc. However, this is all speculation as of now. It is important to note that I pay attention to the feedback I receive from the users, that everyone's voice is heard and given responses that may belong to FAQs posted here unless stated otherwise.

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This website is dedicated to bringing you the latest roster updates and user-created game content for the PC version of NBA 2K14. You will also find personal insights on NBA video gaming by me, as well as full conversion game mods by the PBA 2K Team (Pinoy 2K Modders) and the FIBA 2K Team.

NBA 2K14 Mod Features


All rosters and full conversion mods from the Medevenx™ series are compatible with each other. Basically, you can pack them all together in one NBA 2K14 game folder to save space. The teams from other mods all belong in the logos pack that belong to each specific mod so you don't have to worry about missing team logos. The specific logos packs only differ from each other when it comes to the Finals, Playoffs, Rookie Showcase, Free Agency, and league logos. All of the full conversion/roster mods also share one working portrait file titled the "Universal Portrait Project". Cyberfaces, courts, and jerseys all have unique file name IDs that allow each mod to work without replacing any files from the other mods.

The only difference is with each full conversion mod, there are "Optional Files" which are basically presentation files, crowds, scoreboards, etc. that will replace files from other mods or the original NBA 2K14 files. These files are not necessary to be able to play each mod, however, add to the experience of playing the mods to its full potential with league-specific presentations, new jukeboxes, etc.


Starting off from the developing updated NBA rosters since NBA 2K13, it has been my personal mission to keep everything as accurate as possible. From ratings to animations to accessories, team colors, arena names, etc. With having developed NBA rosters for 4 years now (NBA 2K14 roster updates entering its 4rd year, my 5th year of updating since NBA 2K13), I've been able to get a smooth grasp on roster editing, making fast efficient updates which allowed me to enter other mods for NBA 2K14 such as PBA 2K and FIBA 2K, as well as develop completely original rosters for anime such as Kuroko No Basuke and Slam Dunk. These rosters, despite being different from the NBA rosters, all have the same level of quality as the NBA rosters. Careful attention is paid to the development of these mods to bring you a totally unique and genuine experience for each roster.


To be the best, you have to work with the best. None of these mods can be accomplished without the help of others in areas that I myself cannot account for. NBA roster updates all include cyberfaces, jerseys, and courts from the best of the best modders to ensure the high level of quality that has been consistently been with the series for many years. From shoes by jampasir, to courts by Mythbuster, and cyberfaces by Monzki15 and others, everyone that can, helps out with the continuation of the NBA roster updates for NBA 2K14. Everyone who participated and helped with the mods are all properly credited in the Credits section for each respective mod.

For the full conversion mods, modding teams were formed to allow a cohesive system with roles assigned for each member that make up a well synchronized team ready for frequent updates for each mod. The full conversion mods simply cannot be done without the participation and cooperation of these members, and the relationships between these members are made stable to create a friendly modding environment for the team to bring out the best quality mods for the users.

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Listening to the community is one of the most important characteristics that uniquely define Medevenx™. All necessary feedback is responded to as much as possible, with suggestions being taken after consideration. Inquiries and comments are also responded to via the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or personally answered depending on the feedback received. Each possibility to improve the mods is always taken into consideration when developing the mods unless the desired effects cannot be achieved through conventional methods (for example, requests for custom commentators or hard-coded game aspects)

Visit the development threads for the following mods at NLSC to give your feedback!
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Pixel Art

As a pixel artist, I specialize in designing and animating character sprites, as well as design backgrounds in 16x16 or 8x8 tiles. For character sprites, I am most comfortable whether it is designing new and original character sprites or animating an already existing character design. My genres of preference and most experience with for pixel art are 2D platformers. However, it is also within my scope to be able to create top-down RPG-style pixel art as well.

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