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FIBA 2K is a full conversion modification for NBA 2K14 (PC) featuring the International Basketball Federation. Featuring a complete roster of all the teams and players from the 2014 FIBA World Cup as well as 6 teams from 2013 FIBA Asia, Americas, AfroBasket and EuroBasket to fill a 30-team requirement for a full conversion mod, FIBA 2K is the only comprehensive, in-depth full conversion mod for international basketball in basketball video gaming. FIBA 2K also proceeds to update and add all teams participating in the 2015 FIBA Zone Championship tournaments, from rosters to cyberfaces, jerseys and courts. FIBA 2K is about promoting international awareness through the introduction of national basketball teams from all around the world.

FIBA 2K is a free, fan-made add-on for the PC version of NBA 2K14. This is a PC modification created for fans of FIBA, 2K Sports games, and PC video gaming.

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Version: v14.0
Release Date: September 5, 2017
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