Related & Affiliated

This page is dedicated to individuals, teams, and entities that work closely with myself on certain mods, have related mods of their own or on other things completely. This section shows all of the allies and affiliates of Medevenx™, as well as the people that have helped make Medevenx™ what it is today. This is a huge "Thank You" to everyone who has contributed to this success we all share.

Related Modders

Logo Name Description & Links

Ultimate Base Roster
HAWK23 is the author of the largest quantity mod, Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K12 and NBA 2K14. We collaborate from time to time on updated NBA rosters with our combined resources.


Courts & Jerseys
Mythbuster is the #1 court modder in the world with the best court updates available. A contributor to the NBA, PBA and FIBA mods. All of Myth's mods are compatible with mods from the Medevenx™ series.


NBA, PBA & FIBA Cyberfaces, Shoe Mods
Seyer06 is one of the best, most experienced modders in the community. Having been a long-time member of the PBA 2K modding team, he was also the exclusive shoe modder for Med's NBA rosters back in NBA 2K13.

Kieler 2K

Courts & Jerseys
Kieler 2K is the modder responsible for the awesome 30-team NBA court pack! He is also experienced in creating other mods such as jerseys and game art files.

Modding Teams

Logo Name Description & Links
Pinoy 2K Modders

Pinoy 2K Modders is the modding team name for the developers of PBA 2K (formerly handled by Team PBA 2K). The team is composed of Filipinos from all around the world that contribute to the most updated PBA 2K experience ever.

FIBA 2K Team

The FIBA 2K Team is the modding team name for the developers of FIBA 2K. The team is composed of members from multiple nations such as the Philippines, USA, Lithuania, China, Poland, and others. It is the largest international modding team comprised for NBA 2K to bring the largest international basketball experience for FIBA 2K.

Related Individuals & Entities

Logo Name Description & Links
Shady00018 Shady00018 is a YouTube content creating legend known for his NBA 2K and WWE 2K video montages, mixes, trailers and tributes. He is also responsible for the PBA 2K trailers and videos. The best NBA 2K video montage creator on YouTube, he is recognized by 2K Sports themselves, sharing his videos on the official NBA 2K Facebook page, and has been invited to visit the headquarters in the United States on occasion.

IMzKDC23 IMzKDC23 is an aspiring YouTube content creator, making gameplay videos and commentaries of NBA 2K16, PBA 2K, and other video games. Having one of the best voices in the Philippines and being an avid anime fan, he is certainly has a variety of interests as an individual. IMzKDC23 has early access to some mods of the Medevenx™ series.

Related Websites

Logo Name Description & Links
NLSC NLSC is where it all started for Medevenx™. It is the home of Med's NBA roster series since NBA 2K13, and home for other modders such as HAWK23, Mythbuster and the like. It has the best community and is where the best modders come from.