PBA 2K Credits


Here is the official list of the team members for Pinoy 2K Modders, and contributors to PBA 2K with links to their social media. Some members contribute to multiple areas of the mod while others specialize in specific areas of the mod.

  • Medevenx
  • Justine Sean (theyano!)
  • Popoy David

  • Jerseys
  • Michael Vincent Lucero
  • Leonard Reyes III (seyer06)
  • Jumar De Leon
  • Khim Sara
  • Miles Rivera
  • Roman Consencino
  • Medevenx

  • Miscellaneous
  • EJ Jimenez (EJGRFX)
  • Emilio Miranda (emtechy)
  • Daniel Satparam
  • Tonskie Estacio
  • Medevenx
  • Khim Sara
  • Vinsanity32
  • seanjohn1414
  • Jeffrey Figueroa