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PBA 2K is a full conversion modification for NBA 2K14 (PC) featuring the Philippines' national professional basketball league, as well as the two major collegiate leagues in the country. PBA 2K was originally part of a series titled "PBA 2K featuring College Hoops Pilipinas (CHP)", and was formerly titled "PBA 2K14" until June 2016. Featuring a complete roster of all the teams and players from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to fill a 30-team requirement for a working full conversion mod, including updated courts, jerseys and logos for each team as well as many other features, PBA 2K is the only comprehensive, in-depth full conversion mod for Filipino basketball in basketball video gaming.

PBA 2K is a free, fan-made add-on for the PC version of NBA 2K14. This is a PC modification created for fans of the PBA, 2K Sports games, and PC video gaming.

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Version: v21.2
Release Date: September 18, 2017
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