Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Winter Cup Trailer!

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Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Winter Cup Trailer by IMzKDC23

IMzKDC23 showcases the Kuroko No Basuke teams!!!

Everyone should check out the Kuroko V Slam Dunk Teaser by IMzKDC23! The vid features all of the Generation of Miracles in Kuroko V Slam Dunk's Kuroko No Basuke part! It also features a few special teams included such as Teikō Junior High, Team Vorpal Swords & Team Jabberwock.

IMzKDC23 is granted early access to the Kuroko V Slam Dunk mod and has some of our files. Although he doesn't have all of the updated cyberfaces (korox323's new cyberfaces, new Kirisaki Daīchi High & Seihō High cyberfaces) in this video, the roster, jerseys, and courts are all updated. We're still waiting for korox323's complete cyberfaces for the Kuroko No Basuke part. Hopefully, we can get a Slam Dunk teaser soon!

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IMzKDC23 IMzKDC23 is an aspiring YouTube content creator, making gameplay videos and commentaries of NBA 2K15, PBA 2K14, and other video games. Having one of the best voices in the Philippines and being an avid anime fan, he is certainly has a variety of interests as an individual. IMzKDC23 has early access to some mods of the Medevenx series such as Kuroko V Slam Dunk.

The Kuroko No Basuke rosters, jerseys, are complete. I still need to complete the 6 remaining Slam Dunk teams I have yet to do, and create the accurate warmup jackets for all of the Slam Dunk teams. All of the courts have been finished already. For more information read our last blog post on the Kuroko No Basuke previews for Kuroko V Slam Dunk here!

There's still no release date for Kuroko V Slam Dunk, we still don't have complete cyberfaces for either part of the mod so please be patient. We'll keep you updated so stay tuned!