Med's NBA 2K14 Global Released

Due to popular demand, I will be releasing my personally modified NBA 2K14 global.

Med's NBA 2K14 Global

This global is based on [CAM]'s final global that was released before he unofficially retired. Huge credits to him for providing the base of this global. It does not modify any of the default logos in your global, that means the NBA 2K14 logo in the title screen and in the quick game team selection screen remains unmodified. This global features different body types and sweat patterns from the default global, and is technically also the base for the PBA 2K14 and FIBA 2K14 global. As with the PBA 2K14 & FIBA 2K14 globals, the NBA logo patch on the jerseys have been removed to fit the current look of the NBA jerseys since the 2014-2015 NBA season.

Stance Socks

Something relatively new to the global is the inclusion of a standard Stance design in every sock. However, with my limited experience in modifying globals, it only shows up on white socks and does not show up in black socks (thus, making black socks appear like regular black socks). I am also still unable to assign team colors to the socks like the striped long socks, something I believe can be achieved through hex editing which I have no experience in.


Having been based on[CAM]'s final global, it has the Adidas Leg Sleeves (made popular by Derrick Rose), replacing the default Hex Pad Leg Sleeves in the accessories. This also has the Leg Sleeves looking like very long Knee Sleeves with the socks shown. Knee sleeves are much longer in this global as well compared to its default length."

This is an optional global file and suits my personal taste. However, people were wondering about my global so I decided to finally share it with everyone. Should it result in good feedback, we will consider heavily modifying it with ideas for improvement. However as of now, this global is not really my priority when it comes to modifying and you should always remember to backup your current global file in case it does not suit your personal taste.

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