New Previews for December Releases

Brace yourselves, Winter Cup is coming!

This month of December has already seen the release of FIBA 2K14 v4.1 and Med's NBA Roster v3.3 last week (December 7, 2015) but there's still more to come for the releases this December!

Med's NBA Roster v3.4 and v3.5

The next NBA roster update will feature the new 2016 jerseys for the East & Well All-Star teams. The 2016 All-Star court hasn't been revealed yet so we cannot include the updated All-Star court in the update yet. We've also added the Phoenix Suns' Sleevelss Orange Alternate Jersey to the jersey slots for the roster, even more color combinations as well as some new jerseys by Honeybadger. The next roster update will also see some adjustments to the Player Contracts to compensate for the Salary Cap increase the league is about to experience. We're also adding the Fear The Deer Alternate Milwaukee Bucks Court to the next update, which is very timely as the Bucks gave the Golden State Warriors their first loss of the season. The third NBA roster update this month will come after Christmas once we see the correct gear colors that the teams playing on Christmas will sport.

FIBA 2K14 v4.1

FIBA 2K14 v4.1 will feature fixes to most rosters (tendencies, animations, etc.) as well as updated 2015 China jerseys and fixed 2015 Mexico jerseys. We will also include additional cyberface updates for a few players and will add the updated 2015 team roster for Canada. We aim to update all of the 30 teams by v5.0 and add more teams in future updates. Hopefully, we can release follow up packs to include updated teams until we complete them all in v5.0.

PBA 2K14 v9.1

PBA 2K14 v9.1 will not only feature accurate PBA warmup jackets, but will also feature around 50 new cyberfaces and updated UAAP Season 78 jerseys. This update will NOT feature updated UAAP Season 78 team rosters as it is reserved for our v10.0 update. We're also adding new cyberfaces for new players such as Joseph Sedurifa (Meralco Bolts) & Michael DiGregorio (Mahindra Enforcer), as well as updating the NLEX Road Warriors' light jersey, giving it the texture update on its back. The new theme song of the PBA titled "Liga Ng Mga Bida" is also included in the next update to the PBA 2K14 Optional Files' Jukebox which also includes a file that will successfully remove the cheerleaders.

Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kuroko No Basuke Open Beta

The Kuroko No Basuke Open Beta for Kuroko V Slam Dunk will feature 15 regular Kuroko No Basuke teams, 10 Special Kuroko No Basuke Teams, and Slam Dunk's Shohoku team. With the addition of Warstomp32 to the modding team, we will be able to feature an accompanying jukebox featuring the soundtrack for Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basuke as part of the mod's beta. The Kuroko No Basuke Open Beta is nearly finished, with the cyberfaces for the Shohoku players the only remaining files needed for its release. The Kuroko V Slam Dunk webpages are now under construction.

Universal Portrait Project v3.0 and 2015-2016 NBA Scoreboard Logos

The Universal Portrait Project will have to be updated because of the newly added players to Canada's 2015 roster, while a small pack containing the new 2015-2016 NBA scoreboard logos for the default 2K scoreboard will be released simultaneously.

Check out the revamped checklist for this month's releases!

Phase 1:
Med's NBA Roster v3.3 - December 7, 2015
FIBA 2K14 v4.0 - December 7, 2015
Universal Portrait Project v2.9 - December 9, 2015
Phase 2:
☐ FIBA 2K14 v4.1
☐ Universal Portrait Project v3.0
☐ 2015-2016 NBA Scoreboard Logos for Default Scoreboard
☐ Med's NBA Roster v3.4
Phase 3:
☐ Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kuroko No Basuke Beta
☐ PBA 2K14 v9.1
☐ Med's NBA Roster v3.5

Definitely feeling like Marvel with all of these plans for these releases. Kuroko V Slam Dunk's KNB Beta might be pushed to a release earlier than PBA 2K14 v9.1 as it nears completion and has more progress than PBA 2K14 v9.1. Advance Merry Christmas to everyone!