Rename to PBA 2K & FIBA 2K

We're not going anywhere.

Both modding teams Pinoy 2K Modders/PBA 2K Team and the FIBA 2K Team have come to a collective agreement to rename both PBA 2K14 and FIBA 2K14 to PBA 2K and FIBA 2K, respectively. This decision comes from the fact that we are here for the long run, and keeping the "2K14" name makes our work sound dated, when it is in fact, updated to the current rosters every time. We will permanently stay exclusive to NBA 2K14 on PC for both PBA 2K & FIBA 2K, making this only a change in name, identification, and in-game logos & labels.

PBA 2K14 to PBA 2K

PBA 2K14 will now be called PBA 2K for NBA 2K14 (PC). This is only a name change which is seen in the website, files, and in-game logos & labels. The next update for PBA 2K, which is expected to be released either this June or July, will feature the new changes in the Presentation Files, a complete PBA 2014 Govs Cup roster, updated NCAA Season 91 jerseys, and PBA practice jerseys. Everything from icons to title screens, to the bootup have been updated to completely rename PBA 2K14 to PBA 2K.

FIBA 2K14 to FIBA 2K

FIBA 2K14 will also now be called FIBA 2K for NBA 2K14 (PC). This is also only a name change which is seen in the website, files, and in-game logos & labels. The next update for FIBA 2K, which is expected to be released in late June (this month), will feature the latest jerseys for the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament. It will also feature an even deeper edit into the presentation files, not only changing everything FIBA 2K14 to FIBA 2K, but also replacing the World Cup designs into Olympics designs.

All of the files in the Downloads section are also being currently re-uploaded. They are all expected to be up by tomorrow, and will be renamed to PBA 2K Files as well. We will also remove the Full Pack (Parts 1 to 4) links soon as we will now only support downloading the Full Pack by parts, to save from having to go through the hassle of uploading a very large pack of files that is the same as the partitioned Full Pack.

This change is NOT to be confused with anything else other than simply re-branding both series. The updates will continue as they were for NBA 2K14 on PC. The titles of both mods were changed to cement our place in NBA 2K14 modding, as it should be general knowledge by now that PBA 2K and FIBA 2K, are both for PC only, and should not be confused with anything else.

The links in the websites, however, will remain to be PBA 2K14 & FIBA 2K14, with only changes in titles, but not URLs. This is because we cannot change URLs of pages after they have already been published. The links have also already been shared on multiple sites, and we want to keep those links working. Luckily, the Facebook pages are already both and, so this should not cause too much confusion at all.