Universal Portrait Project v4.3 Released

A massive Universal Portrait Project update comes with 142 new PBA 2K portraits, 4 new FIBA 2K portraits and 2 new NBA portraits in preparation for the roster updates for PBA 2K, FIBA 2K and Med's NBA Roster this week!

(New Portrait Update)

PBA 2K Update

(142 New PBA 2K Portraits)

142 PBA 2K portraits have been updated for the PBA players. We also updated the structure for the portraits, no longer having the portraits from PBA 2K in the 9000s, but changed it to 10000s. With that change, all FIBA, PBA and NBA rosters that include some PBA players will have their portrait IDs match the new portrait structure from now on. If you are experiencing different portraits, you have to make use of the new roster files that will arrive this week.

FIBA 2K Update

(New 2016 New Zealand Players)

Also included in the Universal Portrait Project update is the inclusion of 4 new players from the 2016 New Zealand lineup that will be updated in the FIBA 2K roster and will be added to the PBA 2K roster as part of the PBA 2K Revamp Project which you can learn more about here.

NBA Roster Update

(New NBA Players)

The NBA roster will receive an update by the end of this week that comprises all of the latest transactions since the Trade Deadline update. The Universal Portrait Project adds 2 new portraits for incoming players in the NBA roster update which are Shawn Long of the Philadelphia 76ers and David Nwaba of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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