NBA 2K Vanilla & NBA 2K18 Presentation Released

A new batch of presentation packages for NBA 2K14 have been released! A vanilla NBA 2K Presentation Package for NBA 2K14, and an NBA 2K18 Presentation Package for NBA 2K14.

NBA 2K Vanilla Presentation Package

("NBA 2K" Logo in Vanilla Global)

Our current version of the frontend_sync and global now has NBA 2K Logos for those that don't want to change their frontend_sync and global every time a new NBA 2K game is released. It makes use of our current version of the Alliance Global. The term "Vanilla" is used since it makes use of the default NBA 2K14 global's menu presentation with no color edits or presentation graphics changes.

NBA 2K18 Black & White Versions

(NBA 2K18 Black Version)

NBA 2K18 will release this year with two new logos, a black NBA 2K18 logo for NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold, and a white NBA 2K18 logo for NBA 2K18 Standard & Legend Edition. These white and black logos are also used in the frontend_sync and global for the NBA 2K18 Presentation Package.

(NBA 2K18 White Version)

Please note that the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Featured Game is for show only, which means it is not an actual working mod and does not work properly. This will not be integrated into the NBA roster updates or any future mods for that matter.

To be able to download these presentation packages, please refer to the download links below. The frontend_sync and global IFF files are all new.