Golden State Warriors 2017 Jersey Pack

On our mission to create a 30-team jersey pack for NBA 2K14, we start with your 2017 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors!

(2016-2017 Away Jerseys)


(2016-2017 Home Jerseys)

The Golden State Warriors are the first NBA team to receive jersey updates for Med's NBA Roster! The 2017-2018 NBA season will feature sponsor logos on the jerseys for the very first time. Because of that, we have decided to work on the NBA jerseys ourselves instead of outsourcing the NBA jersey work. The jerseys for the 30-team pack corrected colors, the NBA logo at the back of the jersey, with the championship patch for teams with NBA titles. The Golden State Warriors will have 5 versions of their Home/Away jerseys, a regular version with the NBA logo at the back, a regular version with the NBA Finals logo at the back, a "70 Years in the NBA" patch with the "#42 Nate Thurmond" patch and the NBA logo at the back, a version with the "#42 Nate Thurmond" patch and the NBA logo at the back, and a version with the "#42 Nate Thurmond" patch and the NBA Finals logo at the back.

The next team that will receive a jersey update is your 2017 NBA Eastern Conference Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Download Golden State Warriors 2017 Jersey Pack

Request for Donations

Hi everyone, thanks for supporting our updates. Our MediaFire account is nearly full. I've already discussed file hosting sites in the past and MediaFire really is the way to go. We've tried MEGA but a lot of people don't like MEGA. I want to consider purchasing the PRO plan for MediaFire. The perks are as follows:

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  • 20 GB per file
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I'm humbly asking for donations so that we can make this happen. This will save us ALL a lot of time by not having to go through ads and will save me time from having to juggle two MediaFire accounts just to have more space since this account is almost full. I already don't put you guys through adfly and other "link-shortening" services that are extremely dangerous for downloaders, so I want to ask for some help. I don't put up conditions like "100 likes so I can release this" and whatever. I also never create "exclusive" mods, I share everything I have with everyone.

Hopefully, some generous users can donate for a total of $45 for one year's worth of these features while it is still 50% off. In the past, people have contributed and donated for the purchase of the full version of RED MC for NBA 2K14 (a total of $40.6) and some features for RED MC for NBA 2K13 (a total of $12), making it a total of $52.6 worth of donations made to good use since we all know that I have used RED MC to its full potential, being able to mod things we didn't think were possible.

For those who are willing to donate through Paypal, please proceed to the link below.

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