FIBA 2K Features

FIBA 2K Features


FIBA 2K's 2014 World Cup roster features accurate rosters for the 24 teams that participated in the 2014 FIBA World Cup, as well as adding 6 teams from the 2013 FIBA Zone Championship tournaments (China and Japan from 2013 FIBA Asia, Germany and Italy from EuroBasket 2013, Canada from 2013 FIBA Americas and Nigeria from AfroBasket 2013) to fill a 30-team requirement for a full conversion mod. The rosters consist of the final 12 player lineups used for each team, with rotations completely accurate from the last official box score of each team. We are also currently still in the process of updating the 2015 lineups for each team, as well as adding all teams that participate in the 2015 FIBA Zone Championship tournaments (2015 FIBA Asia, Americas, Oceania, AfroBasket & EuroBasket 2015). Included in the rosters are Olympic USA Basketball Teams since 1992: the 1992 Dream Team, 1996 Dream Team III, 2000 Gold Medal Team USA, 2004 Bronze Model Team USA, 2008 Redeem Team, and the 2012 Gold Medal Team USA, as well as Team White & Team Blue for Team USA that played in the 2015 Team USA Showcase. Most of the roster that has been updated to their 2015 rosters for the 2015 Zone roster are Angola, Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Nigeria, New Zealand, Philippines, Senegal, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey (total of 24 teams), leaving most of the FIBA Americas teams remaining to be updated. The 2015 Chinese Taipei team has also been added from collaborating with Taiwanese modders and due to high demand.


Jerseys for FIBA 2K are accurate for each tournament. FIBA 2K's 2014 World Cup roster features the jerseys used for the 2014 FIBA World Cup and the 2013 tournament jerseys for the six expansion teams. However, FIBA 2K's 2015 Zone roster features the updated jerseys used in all of the 2015 FIBA tournaments.


The FIBA 2K team made sure to create all of the courts used in each tournament. We definitely try to get our court floors as accurate as possible, while doing what we can with the stadiums to make it remotely resemble the real life stadiums. The stadiums for the 2015 Zone rosters are still in the works. All of the 2014 World Cup in Spain courts have been implemented with accurate floors and stadiums. All of the 2015 AfroBasket, EuroBasket, FIBA Asia, FIBA Americas and FIBA Oceania courts also have updated floors but with updated stadiums still in the works.

  • Bizkaia Arena, Palau Sant Jordi, Palacio Municipal de Deportes de Granada, Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid, Palacio Municipal de Deportes San Pablo, Gran Canaria Arena (2014 FIBA World Cup Courts)
  • Rod Laver Arena & TSB Arena (2015 FIBA Oceania Courts), L’Etoile Sportive de Rades (AfroBasket 2015 Court), Changsha Social Work College Gymnasium (2015 FIBA Asia Court), Palacio de los Deportes (2015 FIBA Americas Court)
  • Mercedes-Benz Arena, Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Park&Suites Arena, Arena Riga, Arena Zagreb (EuroBasket 2015 Courts)
  • Mall of Asia Arena (2013 FIBA Asia Court), Team USA Arena (20th Anniversary)


The scoreboard requires a specific teamwipe file so be sure to backup your teamwipe file. All tournaments have their own scoreboard for you to select (AfroBasket 2015, EuroBasket 2015, 2015 FIBA Americas, 2015 FIBA Asia, 2015 FIBA Oceania and 2014 the FIBA World Cup).


FIBA 2K's schedule no longer makes use of an originally developed 16-game tournament schedule (v3.0 to v4.2). Now it makes use of a 29-game schedule where you face all of the other teams in the season before the Finals. The 16-game schedule however still makes an appearance, replacing the default 14-game schedule. The 16-game schedule replaces the original 82, 54, 29 and 16 game schedules. The 16 games are distributed by division, where you face all of the teams in your division (4 teams in 1 division = 4 games), 3 teams from the other divisions in your conference (3 teams in 2 divisions = 6 games), and 2 teams from each division from the opposite conference (2 teams in 3 divisions = 6 games). The real-life FIBA tournaments are short, consisting of rounds as short as 1 game so we tried to recreate the feeling of playing a short tournament with FIBA 2K.


DaRealsanity created six quality basketballs for FIBA 2K, one basketball mod for each tournament for you to select (AfroBasket 2015, EuroBasket 2015, 2015 FIBA Americas, 2015 FIBA Asia, 2015 FIBA Oceania and 2014 the FIBA World Cup).


  • Updated Rotations of FIBA Teams according to their most recent game in the conference
  • Rookie Showcase Rosters comprised of the youngest player for each team in the 2014 World Cup & 2015 Zone, separated via East & West conferences
  • FIBA Draft based on FIBA World Rankings from
  • France (2014 World Cup version) wears sleeveless jerseys as defaults, with sleeved jerseys as alternates (for those who cannot play with high video settings)
  • New Text File that replaces text with, All-NBA with All-Tournament, and includes FIBA-related stories and text
  • Divisions and Conferences based on Global Position

Roster Details

Conferences are arranged according to the global position of each nation (using longitude) to determine the eastern and western placement of each team. Nations nearest to each other from a longitudinal standpoint belong to the same division. With that set, the divisions of the 24 World Cup teams and 6 Expansion Teams are as follows:

FIBA Divisions
West East
Pacific North West South West Atlantic Central South East
Angola Argentina Canada Croatia China Australia
Germany Brazil Dominican Republic Finland Egypt Japan
Italy France Mexico Greece Iran Korea
Nigeria Senegal Puerto Rico Lithuania Turkey New Zealand
Slovenia Spain USA Serbia Ukraine Philippines
You can represent your country's by joining its national basketball team! The Draft Projection for the FIBA 2014 World Cup roster is based on each team's FIBA World Ranking according to the official FIBA website back in 2014. We will update the Draft Projection for the FIBA 2015 Zone rosters with the 2015 FIBA World Rankings that have recently been updated in the official FIBA website. We've given all nations one draft pick to give an equal opportunity for each user to join their respective own country.
FIBA Draft Order
1 to 10
  • USA
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Lithuania
  • France
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Australia
11 to 20
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • China
  • Puerto Rico
  • Angola
  • Iran
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • New Zealand
21 to 30
  • Nigeria
  • Canada
  • Korea
  • Senegal
  • Philippines
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Ukraine
  • Egypt
  • Japan