PBA 2K14 v7.1 Released

The GlobalPort Batang Pier have activated Jarrid Famous for the Dubai game last night! Also, we've fixed the scoreboards. We've finally uploaded the correct 16:9 scoreboards (now in the center of the screen) so please redownload the Appdata Files and PBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards if you're going to update from v7.0. We're currently working on the Dubai court and we'll have some new files for everyone next week so stay tuned!

A new page has been added in the Instructions section of the site that gives information on how to identify your monitor's aspect resolution for choosing scoreboards and overlays. Check it out here!

This is a MINOR update which means if you already have the previous version (in this case, v7.0), you only have to download the Appdata Files. For more information, learn how to update PBA 2K14 here!