NBA All-Star Game Fix

2015 NBA All-Star Game Patch

After testing with members of the community. We finally figured out what was going wrong with the 2015 NBA All-Star game and why it didn't continue for most people during the MyCareer & Association All-Star game events. Luckily, this file update is only 132 KB in size. This fix has also been reuploaded to Main Directory Files 11 to 15 (repacked into one pack), as well as the new Main Directory Files 16 for v2.9 of the NBA Roster update which we will be releasing next weekend!

We're still working hard on moving all of the NBA roster stuff into the new website. Hopefully, we'll have it all ready by next weekend. We're also still working on getting a Home page dedicated to the website so the blog posts are organized more properly and you can see each update for NBA, FIBA, PBA, and Kuroko V Slam Dunk more clearly. We'll post some previews of the new update next week! For now, make sure you download the All-Star Game Fix!