Med's NBA Roster v3.0 Released - A New Season, A New Era

For the new 2015-2016 versions of Med's NBA rosters, we've moved all of the content to this website and will be called v3.0 from now on.

A New Era of Med's NBA Rosters

The new website will hold all of the files and other NBA mods from me now on. We're slowly moving all of the other files here. Please be patient. However, previous changelogs will remain at NLSC with only the new versions (v3.0 onwards) will have their changelogs located in this website.

With the preseason already started for the NBA, most teams have up to 20 players for their roster. However, NBA 2K14 can only hold up to 19 players for each team, so I have decided not to add all of the unguaranteed players for now until we all see which players can make the 15-team rosters come by the opening night of the season. We've also added the jerseys from HoneyBadger for this new update as well. We've included all of the new transactions and jersey number changes for all existing NBA players in the roster.

We've also included the new 2015-2016 NBA schedule which is 100% accurate. Only two versions of the roster are available for v3.0, Assoc and Blacktop. We will be disregarding injuries for these rosters since we are only in the Preseason. For more information, check out the changelog here!

Also new is the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto presentation which have also been uploaded in the Downloads section, as well as the inclusion of the NBA All-Star Game Fix for the old glitch that did not allow you to proceed to the NBA All-Star Game. We've also included the 2015-2016 NBA Logos file in the downloads section which is completely compatible with FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14, we'll shed some more light on how these logos are compatible with each other, and what their differences are next week in the About section. What are you waiting for? Download all of the new files now! You only need to download the new Appdata Files & Main Directory Files 16 for this update. We'll post the update for the Universal Portrait Project (v2.7) this week.

Download v3.0 Now