Previews for Med's NBA Roster v3.3, FIBA 2K14 v4.0, PBA 2K14 v9.1, Kuroko No Basuke Beta

It's been really quiet lately, because everything is finishing up for some huge updates in the next couple of weeks. Med's NBA rosters, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 will be updated, and Kuroko V Slam Dunk will release an open beta very soon.

Med's NBA Roster v3.3

As we near Christmas, Honeybadger has started working on the new Christmas jerseys for NBA teams. As of right now, we only have Christmas jerseys for four NBA teams (Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs). We have to wait for Honeybadger to complete all of the Christmas jerseys before we release the next roster update. Other roster updates Jimmer Fredette being released by the New Orleans Pelicans, accessories, ratings and rotations updates will be included. Rumor has it there is a Milwaukee Bucks Alternate Court floating around, once we ask permission from the owner who made it, we'll include it in the next update. It also looks like John-Blair Bickerstaff is going to be the permanent coach for the Houston Rockets this season, expect that in the next NBA roster update as well..

FIBA 2K14 v4.0

FIBA 2K14 v4.0's long awaited update is about to be released, there's just a few things to finish up and then uploading the files will start. It updates all of the courts and scoreboards for all 2015 tournaments and will included updated roster for Angola, China, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Nigeria, Senegal, Spain, Serbia (making a total of 12 team rosters updated to their 2015 lineups). That makes Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Finland, Italy, Iran, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine the remaining teams that need updates (total of 14 teams). We still need to add the other teams from their respective tournaments which has been taking much longer than originally thought (teams such as Venezuela from FIBA Americas, Lebanon from FIBA Asia, Cameroon from AfroBasket, etc.). We hope you'll enjoy this new update which partially updates the EuroBasket teams, fully updates all AfroBasket teams and updates China for FIBA Asia. We hope you will be more patient with future updates where we expect to fully update ALL teams as well as add additional teams as well

PBA 2K14 v9.1 & New 2015-2016 Season Trailer by IMzKDC23

(Click image to proceed to video trailer)

A new PBA 2K14 trailer was released by IMzKDC23 on his YouTube channel. Everyone should check it out by clicking the image above to proceed to the trailer! The new Al Wasl Sports Club court from Dubai will be added to the next update, along with multiple cyberface updates. We will also attempt to update all warmup jackets for all of the teams in the next update. With the FIBA 2K14 update coming first, PBA 2K14 v9.1 will now add Gilas 2.0, 3.0 and the upcoming Gilas 4.0 in this update which will include a necessary follow up pack to be downloaded to include our new files. The updates for the college teams (UAAP & NCAA) are next in line for PBA 2K14 (hopefully we'll have completely updated teams in v10) as members of the group such as Miles Rivera & Neal Bartolome have already started on the jersey & cyberface works for the college updates.

Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kuroko No Basuke Open Beta

Last on the last is the much anticipated open beta release for Kuroko V Slam Dunk which will include the entire Kuroko No Basuke side of the mod (complete teams, cyberfaces, jerseys and courts) which is expected to drop this December once KoroX & Seushir0 finish up the final cyberface requirements for the Kuroko No Basuke side. This will NOT include the Slam Dunk teams as the Slam Dunk side of the mod is still in development. This will also not work with Association/Season/MyCareer mode yet as it is still in Beta phase and is primarily designed for Quick Game & Blacktop modes. An accompanying gameplay sliders pack will be included in the files to bring the best anime-like gameplay experience for the roster. KoroX and Seushir0 have been working hard the last few weeks to bring us the cyberfaces necessary for the roster and I am grateful for that. Kuroko V Slam Dunk is developed by a 3-man team with occasional consultations with J-Paul, the animations director for Med's NBA roster.

Once Honeybadger finishes up the Christmas jerseys, Med's NBA Rosters v3.3 will be released. FIBA 2K14 is the next update to be released which is expected to arrive after Med's NBA Rosters v3.3 and before PBA 2K14 v9.1. Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kuroko No Basuke Open Beta is the last on the list to be released after KoroX & Seushir0 complete the remaining cyberfaces (expected to be released this December). Still no release dates, we release updates ASAP! Thank you for being patient everyone, just a little bit more!