Med's NBA Roster v3.3 Released

New player movement, new coach for the Houston Rockets, all new ratings updates, over 45+ new jersey color combinations, Christmas jerseys and more! The first of four major releases this month of December!

New Jerseys & Color Combinations Added

We've added the new NOLA sleeved jersey by Pepis21 for the New Orleans Pelicans and all of the new Christmas jerseys by Honeybadger for the teams playing on Christmas Day, namely the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors. Over 45 new jersey slots have been added thanks to chuajefry that includes multiple color combinations for a number of teams. You can read all about these new color combinations in the Changelog. "(H)" in the Changelog means white socks & shoes while "(A)" means black socks & shoes.

Player Roster & Coaching Changes

John-Blair Bickerstaff looks to be the new permanent coach for the Houston Rockets this season so we've implemented this change in the new update. New players movement has also been implemented such as Bryce Cotton being signed by the Phoenix Suns and Ryan Hollins being signed by the Washington Wizards with accurate contracts. Phil Pressey, Henry Sims, and Martell Webster have all been waived by their respective teams as well. Stephen Graham, Nazr Mohammed, Lamar Odom, and Hedo Turkoglu have all been retired in this new update while 39 players that are currently playing overseas have been removed from the Free Agents list.

Multiple player ratings have been updated in this roster update along with updated tendencies and accessories. P.J. Tucker's body type has been updated from Normal to Athletic and Ryan Hollins' body type has been updated from Slim to Normal. The next NBA roster update will include the new All-Star jerseys for the 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Toronto, Canada. This is the only the first of the four major releases from the Medevenx series in this month of December, the next major release is FIBA 2K14 v4.0. For the new jerseys, please download Main Directory Files 17 to enjoy these new additions. Also included in Main Directory Files 17 are the re-uploaded files from Main Directory Files 16 so if you forgot to re-download Main Directory Files 16 before, any missing files will be compensated for by Main Directory Files 17. Please do NOT forget to read the Changelog to learn more about the changes in this update.