Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Winter Cup Beta Released

The much-anticipated Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Winter Cup Beta has been released! This Winter Cup Beta features 15 Kuroko No Basuke teams, 1 Slam Dunk team (Shohoku), 10 special Kuroko No Basuke teams, accurate jerseys and creative floor courts. The Kuroko V Slam Dunk webpages have now been launched on the website as part of the release!

Kuroko No Basuke Rosters

The Features section of the website shows in greater detail all of the features of the entire mod, including the rosters. To make it short, the Winter Cup Beta includes progressive rosters, from season 1 to season 2 to season 3 of Kuroko No Basuke's anime. As for Slam Dunk, there was only one season and with that, we divided the roster into three parts. The first part is Shohoku's game vs Ryonan where Miyagi and Mitsui were not present in the team. The second part is all of the games Shohoku played from Miuradai up until the match against Kainan. The third and final part is the game against Ryonan (where Sakuragi had his haircut) and upto all of the final games in the manga. These three parts in the Slam Dunk anime correspond to the three seasons of the Kuroko No Basuke anime. Players are available/unavailable and look the way they look in the roster's respective seasons.

Cyberfaces, Courts & Jerseys

KoroX and Seushir0 both made cyberfaces for the Winter Cup beta and will proceed to create more cyberfaces to complete the Slam Dunk side of things. Courts right now do not have accurate stadiums, as no member of the small modding team has any knowledge when it comes to stadiums. However, an accurate Winter Cup floor and a fictional Interhigh floor have been made for both the Kuroko No Basuke teams and Slam Dunk teams respectively. Extra courts such as the Direct Drive Zone courts are also available, as well as two fictional Interhigh courts.

Future Plans

Along with the completion of Slam Dunk teams, there are more plans to include new presentation files such as a new global, title screen, jukebox, stories & headlines, english text file, etc. Warstomp32 is in charge of these new presentation files and will lead the mod from a roster mod into a full conversion mod. The Kuroko No Basuke logos currently have its own logos for the All-Star teams and the league logo, which cites the only difference between the other teams logos. However, the logos from the other mods (Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14) have logos already compatible with Kuroko V Slam Dunk.

This is the start of Phase Three for the December Releases. After this, the Universal Portrait Project will be updated to fix the portrait issue with one of the Seiho players. After the Universal Portrait Project update has been released, PBA 2K14 v9.1 will be released with new updated PBA files and rosters, and then, the post-Christmas (or pre-New Year) update for Med's NBA Roster v3.5. A new addition to Phase Three is FIBA 2K14 v4.2 which will also be released in this month. It will include 2015 roster updates to Iran and Italy, as well as finalizing all of the jerseys for FIBA 2K14 by Dunix.

Please be reminded that this is only a BETA which means you should not expect it to work for MyCareer, Association, or any mode and is release purely for the purposes of allowing Quick Game and Blacktop modes. For now, enjoy the release of the Winter Cup Beta. Happy Holidays everyone!

Download the Winter Cup Beta Now