Med's NBA Roster v3.4 Released

Lots of bug fixes, new All-Star jerseys, updated ratings, rotations and animations by J-Paul, new jersey slots by chuajefry and the "Fear The Dear" Milwaukee Bucks' alternate court by Pepis21!

New Jerseys & Color Combinations Added

We've added the new 2016 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys for the East All-Stars and West All-Stars by Pepis21. We've also added the Phoenix Suns' Orange Alternate Jersey (Sleeveless) to the roster. The Golden State Warriors' Retro "The City" jersey's jersey numbers have been fixed in this update. Over 20 new jersey slots have been added thanks to chuajefry that includes multiple color combinations for a number of teams. You can read all about these new color combinations in the Changelog. "(H)" in the Changelog means white socks & shoes while "(A)" means black socks & shoes.

Fear The Deer Alternate Court & Roster Changes

Pepis21's Milwaukee Bucks Alternate Court has been added to the roster, similar to how the Golden State Warriors' Retro Alternate "The City" court has been added a couple of versions back. Please visit the Instructions section of the website to learn how to load this court.

Jimmer Fredette has been waived by the New Orleans Pelicans since the last roster update and a total of four NBA players have left to play overseas, thus have been removed from the roster. Namely Tony Mitchell, Jerome Jordan, Samuel Dalembert and Josh Harrellson. A number of ratings, tendencies, accessories, signature skills and animations have also been updated. Future roster updates will keep a more comprehensive changelog for this aspect of the roster. Mike D'Antoni has also been updated as the new Philadelphia 76ers Assistant Coach under Brett Brown.

Bug Fixes & General Changes

The "Box Score Bug" & "Headline Bug" for Association/MyCareer/Season have been fixed and no longer occur. Not only that, but the option to Create-A-Team has been reimplemented into the roster. theyano!'s Playbooks also make a comeback to the roster as it has been reimplemented in this update. The NBA's new Salary Caps have been implemented in the NBA roster in a way that affects the Contracts instead as you cannot modify the Salary Cap (hard-coded in the game). Taking the player's salary in per year multiplied by the average salary cap for each team (in-game) and divided by the average salary cap for each team (in real life) is now the reduced player salary used in-game as it adjusts properly to the in-game salary caps.

This marks the end of Phase Two of the December Releases. Next in line is Phase Three which will include the much anticipated Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kuroko No Basuke Beta, PBA 2K14 v9.1 (we could call this v10 really, there are a lot of files) and Med's NBA Roster v3.5 (Post-Christmas Update). For the new jerseys by Pepis21 as well as his new Hardwood Classics Oracle Arena court, please re-download Main Directory Files 17 once more to enjoy these new additions. Please do NOT forget to read the Changelog to learn more about the changes in this update.

Download v3.4 Now