#MedSpeaks : Devilish' Animation Mod

Med speaks on Devilish' self-titled next-gen animation mod released in the NLSC community.

Regarding Devilish' mod for animations, there have been multiple reports of edited/stolen work, such as editing [CAM]'s HD Global, gamez' animation pack, causing crashing and viruses with PCs (one of our trusted contributors to Med's NBA Roster, J-Paul, the animation director for the roster caught a virus after downloading the mod and forced him to reformat his laptop). A lot of veteran modders have already gone against it such as skoadam (URB director), as well as trusted contributors such as Seushir0 (Kuroko V Slam Dunk cyberface modder) and monzki15 (multiple mod cyberface modder) who experienced NBA 2K14 errors as well.

With all of that said, the administrator of NLSC, Andrew, has approved the request to lock the thread. What does that say about the mod? While not here to bash on his work, we all feel that we are left in a void regarding any progress on editing animations after gamez left. Definitely, we felt that Devilish was the person that the torch was passed on to, and we wanted to believe it as much as we can. We wanted to see things we thought couldn't be done because of his animation mods, but overall it caused too many problems that even respectable members of the community were not supportive of it.

One thing about the mod is Devilish' inexperience regarding files such as the TURK, bringing it up despite not actually knowing what it does for RED MC and roster editing, that it changes animations assigned to players in a roster, not changing the animations itself, as proven by Seushir0. We are not here to ruin his image, but we are here to warn everyone that it's important to download from only trusted sources because I have personally received many reports regarding the crashing for NBA 2K14 after downloading this. It was clearly a big question mark how he could import layups and celebration animations from NBA 2K16 without being able to import jump shot animations. We all want him to progress with his mod, but if it is at the cost of the functionality of our NBA 2K14, I'll gladly pass on it.

I do recommend everyone to read the thread on NLSC completely, see how it started and how it went down. Devilish personally states that he's not blowing smoke (claiming something but has nothing), and he wishes all of you to personally test the mods for yourselves and try it out. While I am not against that, it's completely up to you what you want to use (remember I was never against using gamez' animation mod despite other people using it and me personally never using it at all). Just remember the golden rule of downloading mods, ALWAYS BACKUP. Again, there's nothing wrong with downloading it if you are curious to see what it's all about, or even if you want to fully use it for your NBA 2K14 experience and this post is not meant to fire shots at Devilish himself. I have the utmost respect for anyone trying to make something new for NBA 2K14. Just be careful with what you download, always read the comments first, and remember to backup your files.