Med's NBA Roster v3.6 & Universal Portrait Project v3.1 Released

We've collaborated with both tutsyroll and maximize10 of Double-A Mods to bring the 2015 Christmas Jerseys to ALL 30 NBA teams for the new update of Med's NBA Roster for NBA 2K14! We've also updated all of the crazy transactions in the first month of the year, which includes not just player changes, but also coaching changes. We've also updated the rotations, accessories, ratings and animations as usual for your basic roster update.

2015 Christmas Jerseys for All 30 NBA Teams

Previous updates for Med's NBA Roster included the 2015 Christmas Jerseys for the 10 teams that played on Christmas day. However, since the NBA released the official designs of the Christmas Jerseys supposedly for all 30 teams, both NBA Live 16 and NBA 2K16 incorporated these designs into their game updates, which shouldn't stop NBA 2K14 users to experience the same thing. Normally, we like to avoid fictional additions to the series of mods unless there is something special about it, but the NBA itself has official designs for these jerseys so they aren't entirely fictional. Together with both tutsyroll and maximize10 of Double-A Mods, we bring you the all of the 2015 Christmas Jerseys for the remaining 20 teams that did not play on Christmas day.

Coaching Changes

The Brooklyn Nets have fired Head Coach Lionel Hollins and replaced him with Tony Brown, while the Cleveland Cavaliers surprisingly fired Head Coach David Blatt, who was leading the Cavaliers to the best record in the East this season. allowing former Assistant Coach Tyronn Lue to step up as Head Coach. This new roster update also welcomes back Steve Kerr as Head Coach for the Golden State Warriors, with Luke Walton stepping back down to Assistant Coach.

Player Transactions

In the very first month of the new year, 2016 starts with a lot of player signings and waives. The Philadelphia 76ers waive Christian Wood to make room for veteran Elton Brand, who is expected to return to the NBA for a mentor-like role for the very young team. New players J.J. O'Brien, and Keith Appling were added to the roster with O'Brien added to the Free Agents and Appling signed by the Orlando Magic. Many free agents have returned to the NBA such as Lorenzo Brown and Cory Jefferson to the Phoenix Suns with Bryce Cotton being waived to make room, Bryce Dejean-Jones to the New Orleans Pelicans and Sean Kilpatrick to the Denver Nuggets. The Houston Rockets have "re-acquired" Josh Smith from the Los Angeles Clippers via trade while the Orlando Magic waive Joe Harris after being traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Universal Portrait Project Update

The Universal Portrait Project has also been updated from v3.0b to v3.1 . This update features the new portraits for the new coaches to be added in FIBA 2K14 v4.2, as well as the portraits for the new players added to the NBA roster update, namely J.J. O'Brien, Bryce Dejean-Jones and Keith Appling as well as updating the portrait for Tyronn Lue. A few imports for the next version of PBA 2K14, which will be PBA 2K14 v10 also have portraits added to the update, namely M.J. Rhett of the Blackwater Elite, Augustus Gilchrist of the Mahindra Enforcer and Tyler Wilkerson of the San Miguel Beermen.

Universal Portrait Project

Universal Cyberface ID List Update

The Universal Cyberface ID List on the NLSC has been updated to include the missing player CF IDs for Med's NBA Roster. This is thanks to those that spent the time reporting which players were missing. We've fully included the CF IDs for FIBA 2K14 & PBA 2K14 players as well. If there are still any missing CF IDs for players, please report it so we can update the list frequently. Thank you!

Universal CF ID List

Future Updates

Despite my projections for NBA roster updates to become, sort of, monthly updates to be able to invest more time updating the other mods of the series, such as FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 and Kuroko V Slam Dunk, and even updating the Universal Portrait Project, we've decided to release a second roster update within this month of January. The next update will hopefully feature the 2016 NBA All-Star game updates, with the All-Star Teams (East & West All-Stars) along with the All-Star court (Toronto's Air Canada Centre) being update. Hopefully, the next roster update which features the All-Star Game Update in February will coincide with the Trade Deadline update.

The FIBA 2K14 v4.2 update which features updates for Iran, Italy and the introduction of the projected 2016 rosters for the Philippines, Spain, and USA is currently two cyberfaces away from being released. PBA 2K14 v10 will feature updated imports for the 2016 PBA Commissioner's Cup updates. The logos for ALL of the mods from the Medevenx series, Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14, PBA 2K14 & Kuroko V Slam Dunk will receive logos file updates to accommodate the newly added logo for the Phoenix Fuel Masters of the PBA to the logos.

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