Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kanagawa Preview - Miuradai & Takezono Trailer

Another team trailer is released for Kuroko V Slam Dunk's Kanagawa Update which is revealed today to be Kainan University Affiliated High (or better known as simply Kainan), rival to Shoyo and is considered the best team in the district of Kanagawa, led by the best player in the district, Shinichi Maki.

Miuradai High and Takezono High YouTube Video Trailer

Miuradai, the first team Shohoku faced in the regional tournament, as well as Takezono, the team they faced in practice after the practice game against Ryonan which was seen in the first Slam Dunk OVA (Original Video Animation) will be added to the next update for Kuroko V Slam Dunk. Miuradai was the first team Shohoku played in a real match and had the secret weapon which we all know what happened to with Sakuragi. Takezono was the team Shohoku had a practice match against after the practice match against Ryonan where the star of the team, Oda, was the boyfriend of Sakuragi's last crush before Haruko. Takezono was also the team that was eliminated in the regional tournament by the next team to be previewed, Kainan. As two of the minor teams that Shohoku faced, there are two other teams from Kanagawa that did not make it to the next update, namely Tsukubu and Takezato. All of the remaining teams will be added to the next update which will complete the 15 Slam Dunk teams. The video is once again by me.

New Jukebox by zackiritoryan & Cyberfaces by Seushir0

zackiritoryan of NLSC made a major contribution to Kuroko V Slam Dunk and as such is now considered part of the very small modding team we have. The jukebox features all of the soundtrack from both anime, with two OPs & four EDs from Slam Dunk, seven OPs and seven EDs from Kuroko No Basuke. All of the cyberfaces of Miuradai & Takezono's players are made by Seushir0.

Future of Kuroko V Slam Dunk

The update for Kuroko V Slam Dunk is expected to be released this weekend. It is considered part of a new phase of updates dedicated to bringing the best NBA 2K14 experience to you, this year in 2016. A final short trailer will be released for the last team to be added to this update, Kainan University Affiliated High, from the Kanagawa prefecture. More teams will be added to complete the 15 Slam Dunk teams and for Kuroko V Slam Dunk to no longer be in beta. The teams to be added are Aiwa Academy, Daiei Academy, Jousei High, Meihou High, Ryokufu High, Sannoh Industry Affiliated High, Toyotama High and Tsukubu High. This update also fixes a lot of glitches and includes new cyberface updates for a lot of players.

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