Med's NBA Roster v3.7 & Universal Portrait Project v3.2 Released

The 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend and Trade Deadline have passed and there have been many changes in the NBA. New jerseys, new player transactions and coaching changes as well as the addition of the NBA All-Star Team updates for the East & West All-Stars and even the Team World & Team USA rosters make their debut in Med's NBA Roster!

2016 NBA All-Star Update

The 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend has been released with updated East & West All-Star jerseys by Pepis21, Team World & Team USA jerseys by iamSamke, as well as a All-Star Air Canada Centre update containing an updated stadium and floors by Mythbuster. The All-Star Game between the East & West All-Stars has the TISSOT floor while the Rising Stars Challenge between Team World & Team USA has the BBVA Compass Floor. The rosters are updated for both teams with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James playing Center for both teams as they were the ones at the jump ball.

Don't forget to download the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto presentation which have also been uploaded in the Downloads section if you don't have it yet. We've also reuploaded the 2015-2016 NBA Logos file in the Downloads section which contains the new logos for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge as well as the new logos for PBA 2K14, Phoenix Fuel Masters and Tropang TNT, the logos for FIBA 2K14 and Kuroko V Slam Dunk have also been updated to contain these logos.

Chinese New Year Jerseys for Houston Rockets & Washington Wizards

iamSamke also provided new Chinese New Year jerseys for the Houston Rockets and the Washington Wizards. It is expected that the new Sacramento Kings Alternate Court will be added to the next update once it has been made.

Coaching Changes

The New York Knicks have fired Head Coach Derek Fisher and replaced him with Kurt Rambis, while the Phoenix Suns have fired Head Coach Jeff Hornacek for Earl Watson. This new roster update also updates Tyronn Lue as Head Coach for the East All-Stars, and Gregg Popovich as Head Coach for the West All-Stars.

Player Transactions

The trade deadline has come and a total of 28 players were moved since the last update (January 28). A total of 12 players were waived with no major trades happening. No players went overseas meaning no players were removed from the roster, while a new player Alex Stepheson has been added to the roster as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers.

BBVA Scoreboard Logo

An updated BBVA Scoreboard Logo for the Default 2K Scoreboard has also been uploaded for those who want to update their scoreboard logo. This is the logo that shows up for Team World and Team USA. I will not be making a version of this for different scoreboards.

Download BBVA Scoreboard Logo

Universal Portrait Project Update

The Universal Portrait Project has also been updated from v3.1 to v3.2 . This update features the new portraits for the new coaches to be added in FIBA 2K14 v4.2, as well as the portraits for the new player added to the NBA roster update, namely Alex Stepheson, as well as adding Tyler Wilkerson of the San Miguel Beermen for the upcoming PBA 2K14 update.

Universal Portrait Project

Future Updates

Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kanagawa Update (v0.2) is confirmed to be released this weekend which might also coincide with the long-awaited FIBA 2K14 v4.2 update. The Kanagawa Update for Kuroko V Slam Dunk will include a total of five new Slam Dunk teams (Miuradai, Takezono, Ryonan, Shoyo and Kainan) and new cyberface updates and error fixes. It will also feature the new Jukebox for Kuroko V Slam Dunk. FIBA 2K14 v4.2 will include updated Iran and Italy rosters, as well as predicted 2016 lineups for both USA and the Philippines.

PBA 2K14 will hopefully be released next week with much of the progress expected to be finished this weekend. A new scoreboard, overlay, frontend sync and other new cyberface updates are to be included in the next update. It will unfortunately not feature an updated UAAP roster (which was expected to be in v10) as we are currently lacking the manpower to update the college teams. Kuroko V Slam Dunk's next update after the Kanagawa Update will complete the 15 Slam Dunk teams, adding Aiwa Academy, Daiei Academy, Jousei High, Meihou High, Ryokufu High, Sannoh Industry Affiliated High, Toyotama High and Tsukubu High. This will allow us to finally play Association & MyCareer modes in Kuroko V Slam Dunk. Presentation files are also expected to be released once Kuroko V Slam Dunk is no longer in beta. FIBA 2K14 v5.0 is the next expected update after v4.2 where we plan to add the teams that will be participating in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament instead (previously all of the teams that participate in continental tournaments which was proven to be unrealistic in terms of workload).

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