Kuroko V Slam Dunk Kanagawa Update Released

The much-anticipated Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Kanagawa Update has been released! The Kanagawa Update features six new Slam Dunk teams, a new jukebox & basketball, multiple cyberface updates, animations and ratings edits as well as error fixes!

Six New Slam Dunk Teams

Like the Winter Cup beta, the rosters are divided into three rosters. For Ryonan, the first roster features the lineup against Shohoku during the practice game, where Kicchou Fukuda is still banned from playing. The second roster features the lineup against Kainan where Akira Sendoh played Point Guard and the third lineup features the lineup against Shohoku in the Final Four of the Kanagawa Prefecture Tournament. For Shoyo, since they had one game in the anime, the first roster features the lineup against Shohoku during the first half of the game, thus Kenji Fujima is still on the bench. The second and third rosters have Fujima starting as they represent the second half of that match. For Kainan, the first and second rosters feature the lineup game against Shohoku, with Shinichi Maki 's brushed up hair and Kiyota Nobunaga's long hair. The third roster features the lineup against Ryonan where Maki's hair is no longer brushed up and Nobunaga's hair is rolled to make it shorter. Miuradai, (the first team Shohoku faced in the Kanagawa Prefecture Tournament), Ryokufu (the team with Michael Okita from the third OVA, not really from Kanagawa), and Takezono (the team with Oda from Wako Junior High from the first OVA that also appears in the anime with a match against Kainan) were all added with no distinctions between the three rosters.

Updated Cyberfaces & Roster

KoroX and Seushir0 both made cyberfaces for the Kanagawa Update with KoroX creating the cyberfaces for Ryonan, Shoyo, Kainan, and Ryokufu while Seushir0 created the cyberfaces for Miuradai and Takezono. Cyberfaces for some Kuroko No Basuke players have also been updated. An error to Mayuzumi's (Rakuzan) was fixed for this version, and Kaijo now has a yellow headband color (for Kise's zone) while Seirin (Season 3) and Team Vorpal Swords have orange headband colors. Ryonan is the only team with an alternate jersey (yellow secondary color instead of light blue) as seen in the OP and a few official images for Slam Dunk. Some animations, ratings, tendencies and signature skills were also updated. A blank basketball file has also been included in the Optional Files, where it is an ordinary leather ball without the Spalding logo and text on it.

New Jukebox by zackiritoryan

zackiritoryan of NLSC made a major contribution to Kuroko V Slam Dunk and as such is now considered part of the very small modding team we have. The settings (Kuroko V Slam Dunk Sliders) files have also been modified to completely remove the Commentator, PA and Player Chatter volumes in place of In-Game Music as we already have the complete soundtrack from both anime in our jukebox. The jukebox features all of the soundtrack from both anime, with two OPs & four EDs from Slam Dunk, seven OPs and seven EDs from Kuroko No Basuke. The list of songs are:

  • GRANRODEO - Can Do
  • Maki Ohguro - Anata Dake Mitsumeteru
  • Hyadain - Start it right away
  • BAAD - Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai
  • GRANRODEO - The Other Self
  • ZYYG - Zettai ni Daremo
  • MANISH - Kirameku Toki ni Torawarete
  • Zard - My Friend
  • GRANRODEO - Memories
  • SCREEN mode - Ambivalence
  • Fo'x Tails - GLITTER DAYS
  • GRANRODEO - Punky Funky Love
  • OLDCODEX - Lantana
  • WANDS - Sekai ga Owaru Made Wa
  • GRANRODEO - Hengen Jizai No Magical Star
  • Kensho Ono - FANTASTIC TUNE
  • Kensho Ono - ZERO

Future Plans

As mentioned in the previous post regarding Kuroko V Slam Dunk, more teams will be added to complete the 15 Slam Dunk teams and for Kuroko V Slam Dunk to no longer be in beta. The teams to be added are Aiwa Academy, Daiei Academy, Jousei High, Meihou High, Sannoh Industry Affiliated High, Toyotama High and Tsukubu High. There will be plans to add retro versions of teams such as Shohoku, Kainan and Shoyo (2 Years Ago) when Akagi, Mitsui, Kogure, Maki and Fujima were rookies. There are also plans to include Tomigaoka Junior High and Takeishi Junior High (Hisashi Mitsui and Kaede Rukawa's middle schools). Special Slam Dunk teams will also be added in the next version such as the Shoyo & Ryonan merged team, possibly a Slam Dunk All-Stars team to match up with Team Vorpal Swords & Team Jabberwock.

It is expected that the next version will officially launch Kuroko V Slam Dunk out of beta as it will then have MyCareer & Association Modes available, which was the goal from the very beginning. We hope to bring you a total conversion mod once Kuroko V Slam Dunk is out of beta. We also hope to find a talented stadium modder to create stadiums for Kuroko V Slam Dunk similar to the anime, different from the realistic NBA 2K stadiums we are all used to. In the future, expect Title Screens, Globals, Gamedata, Storyboards, etc. that will breathe a new life to Kuroko V Slam Dunk for NBA 2K14! Also don't be afraid to bring up suggestions if you feel as if there are more things to improve on for Kuroko V Slam Dunk.

Please be reminded that this is only a BETA which means you should not expect it to work for MyCareer, Association, or any mode and is release purely for the purposes of allowing Quick Game and Blacktop modes. For now, enjoy the release of the Kanagawa Update. All of the files have been re-uploaded and are now in the same method of downloading as the other mods from this series (FIBA 2K14 & PBA 2K14). Although no new logos for Kuroko V Slam Dunk were really added, the new BBVA Rising Stars logo for Med's NBA Roster, Phoenix Fuel Masters and Tropang TNT logos for PBA 2K14 were all updated into the Logos file for compatibility purposes. Make sure you download all of the new files and have fun! A changelog page will be added soon!

Download the Kanagawa Update Now