Med's NBA Roster v3.9 & Universal Portrait Project v3.5 Released

More changes in the NBA since the last update (March 5)! Four new players are added to the roster, a player comes out of retirement, a player goes overseas making total of 24 players have been moved around. New additional courts such as the NBA Global Games in Rio 2013 & 2014 have also been added to the roster, and a fix to persistent crashing reports has been re-addressed.

Player Transactions

Other than your excellent updates for accessories, ratings and animations by J-Paul, a total of 24 players were moved since March 5. Sonny Weems, Jared Cunningham, Jeff Ayres, Jordan Farmar, Ray McCallum Jr., Tony Wroten, Henry Sims, Tim Frazier, Lorenzo Brown, Chase Budinger, and Marcus Thornton have all been signed. Christian Wood, Mario Chalmers, Alex Stepheson, Justin Harper, Rasual Butler, Phil Pressey and Gary Neal have all been waived. Xavier Munford by Zed2K and Alan Williams by SUPERSUB47 are both newcomers to the Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns respectively, along with Coty Clarke by monzki15 and Briante Weber by KeithNavaja which have been added to the Free Agents with new cyberfaces which means Main Directory Files 20 should be downloaded as it includes the new cyberfaces for both players. Nazr Mohammed came out of retirement to return to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Nate Robinson was removed from the roster for playing overseas.

NBA Global Games in Rio 2013 & 2014

The HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by retroman has been added to the roster as it was the venue for the NBA Global Games back in 2013 (Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards) and 2014 (Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heat). A stadium has not been made for it yet, but as soon as the venue for Basketball Olympics in Rio 2016 has been revealed (also HSCB Arena), we'll be able to update the stadium along with the FIBA 2K14 update. We're sure everyone is excited for the Sacramento Kings Alternate Court, but unfortunately nobody has made the court yet so we can't add it to the update yet.

Crashing Issues Fix

There have been reports that some users are still experiencing end of 1st/3rd quarter crashing. We've already fixed this before by replacing the Los Angeles Clippers' "HD" jerseys with normal jerseys. However, it appears some users still have these files which cause crashing. Because of this, we have included the fixes for these jerseys ONCE AGAIN in Main Directory Files 20. If end of 1st/3rd quarter crashing still persists after implementing these files, we are absolutely sure that the crashing is due to an "HD" cyberface that you may have downloaded.

Universal Portrait Project Update

The Universal Portrait Project has also been updated from v3.4 to v3.5. This update features the new portraits for the new players added to the NBA roster update, namely Xavier Munford, Alan Williams, Coty Clarke and Briante Weber. It also updates the portraits for the upcoming Kuroko V Slam Dunk: Interhigh Update (v1.0).

Universal Portrait Project
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