Bald Manu Ginobili Cyberface Released

I couldn't find a Manu Ginobili bald cyberface update so I made one myself. I'm not a cyberface modder by any means, but there are some things that I can do regarding cyberfaces. It's not that good, but since nobody has made a bald edition of Manu Ginobili's cyberface yet, I decided to share my personally updated Manu Ginobili cyberface.

Manu Ginobili [Bald Edition]

This year, we saw Manu Ginobili sport a bald look during the match against USA in their USA Showcase. While sometimes, he still grows his hair like he did in the Olympics this year, I personally think Manu Ginobili's bald look is the best look for him. No, this doesn't mean I will be creating cyberface mods for the NBA roster, simply because I'm not that good at it. I also don't want to force others to download my cyberface updates because a lot of people update their cyberfaces on their own. This cyberface is a standard definition (SD) cyberface, and uses the default cyberface ID for Manu Ginobili (png0970), making it compatible with any roster that has the default cyberface ID assigned to Manu Ginobili. Thus, it is compatible with both the NBA roster, and FIBA 2K.

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