NBA 2K17 Jukebox by Retroswald13 Released

Retroswald13 just released his NBA 2K17 soundtrack! With the new soundtrack, we also update the album covers, as well as the artist names and song titles in the english.iff file!

NBA 2K17 Jukebox by Retroswald13

Retroswald13's NBA 2K17 Jukebox features the latest songs for NBA 2K17, replacing NBA 2K14's jukebox. With this jukebox, we also had to update the album covers and the jukebox text in the english.iff file. Remember, the english.iff file is connected to a lot of things in NBA 2K14, such as the headlines and the button icons. Because of that, we had to re-upload the entire NBA 2K17 Presentation Package. Remember that the NBA 2K17 Presentation Package features updated NBA 2K17 (Legend Edition) logos, the Alliance Global, Updated Headlines & PlayStation Buttons, Updated Referee Attire, Blank Overlay & Medevenx Wipe, and of course, the updated NBA 2K17 Jukebox by Retroswald13.

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