Alliance Global Beta Released

Apparently, every global needs to have some kind of cool name. Since this new global is a collaboration between multiple modders such as me, Seushiro and reimartdotcom, we decided to call it the Alliance Global.

New Stance Socks

New Stance design socks have been added to the global. All socks have been replaced, with the designs showing up on the white socks, but not showing up on the black socks. Black socks do not have any design in the NBA, thus they also do not have any design in the global. However, the Striped Long Socks have been replaced with long colored Stance socks which makes use of Team Colors 1 & 2 (two team colors). The Ankle Brace has been replaced with the ZAMST Ankle Brace that Stephen Curry uses. The Ankle Wraps have been replaced with colored Stance socks as well, but only makes use of one team color, which makes it different from the Striped Long Socks. The Striped Long Socks cannot be used along with knee sleeves, only with knee pads. If you want colored Stance Socks with knee sleeves, you can only use the Ankle Wraps. This is due to the 3D modeling of the original striped long socks in the global.

Body Type Changes

The global is still your basic Med's NBA 2K14 global with the sweat and the lighting. However, we changed the Fat body type to have normal-size arms, while maintaining the fat body in the 3D model.


All NBA 2K14 logos have been changed to the Legend Edition of NBA 2K17 (color Gold). There may be versions of the global in future updates that make use of the NBA 2K14 logo or the regular edition of NBA 2K17 (color Silver). Other than those logo changes, player images have also been replaced with NBA 2K17 cover athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Karl Anthony-Towns, and Paul George.

Future Updates

If the Alliance Global sees success, we'll update some more files to have the gold NBA 2K17 logo such as the frontend_sync, gamedata, etc. The fat body type changes will also be implemented into the FIBA 2K & PBA 2K globals. The PBA 2K global will not experience any socks changes, but the FIBA 2K global will feature the new Nike socks used by all teams with gear handled by Nike. Tell us what else you would like to see in the global! To download, select any of the two mirrors down below. Please remember to create a backup of your global file!

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