NBA 2K17 Presentation Package Released

Our NBA 2K17 Frontend_Sync file has been released, packaged with all other presentation files we have had in the past such as the Alliance Global, NBA 2K16 Jukebox & Album Covers, PlayStation Buttons, Updated Referee Attire, Updated Headlines, Blank Overlay and Medevenx Wipe!

The Frontend_Sync file that replaces the NBA 2K14 logo in the home screen with the Legend Edition of NBA 2K17 has been released. This file also contains the player images for Blacktop (LeBron James), and will be updated in future updates if the release of the new Frontend_Sync is successful. Note that the Frontend_Sync file will not replace your Home Screen's Featured Game (San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat). The featured match is edited through the roster. I modified it just for the presentation but it is not recommended because it changes a lot of files in NBA 2K14. There are too many things that will change in the game if these changes are pursued, so we will future roster updates will still not have the featured match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. It MAY be possible to update this without causing any errors, albeit with very many file changes in the future.

Alliance Global

One thing we forgot to mention about the Alliance global is that it has Leandro Barbosa's shirt and sleeve in the accessories. The shirt and sleeve combination replaced the Full Arm Sleeve in the global. For more details on the Alliance Global, you can read on more detailed information here.

Gamedata, Headlines & Jukebox

The frontend_sync has also been repackaged with the already released updated gamedata which contains the updated referee attire, PlayStation buttons, even more NBA 2K17 logos, updated headlines & english text, and the updated jukebox and album covers. For more information on the gamedata and headlines, check out this blog post. For more information on the NBA 2K16 jukebox, check out this blog post.

Overlay & Wipe

The frontend_sync has also been repackaged with the already released gooeyoverlaysstatic file which has a blank overlay (removes the NBA 2K14 logo at the lower left corner of your screen), and replaces the 2K Sports logo with the Medevenx logo. For more information on the blank overlay and Medevenx wipe, check out this blog post.

The files are packaged in the download links below. The Downloads section of the website will be updated with the presentation pack information soon.

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