New Headlines for Med's NBA Roster, PlayStation Buttons for NBA 2K14 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance!

We've finally released our new storylines/headlines for Med's NBA Roster, as well as PlayStation buttons/icons for Med's NBA Rosters, FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14. We've also been modifying another game lately, which is Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PC, and released our PlayStation buttons/icons mod for that game as well.

New Headlines for Med's NBA Roster

After realizing that the PlayStation icons were in both the gamedata AND the english files separately, we realized that if we were to edit the english file, we'd might as well edit the headlines as well like we did for FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14. So we made these headlines based on the latest news in the NBA, just like FIBA 2K14 & PBA 2K14.

However, these headlines are only compatible with the Default NBA 2K Scoreboard, or any custom scoreboards that were made to be compatible with the default scoreboard (ie. does not require an accompanying special english file). That means if the custom scoreboard you're using has its own kind of font or has an english file in the download, that most likely means this won't be compatible with that scoreboard, and you're going to have to go back to the Default NBA 2K Scoreboard if you want to use these headlines and PlayStation buttons.

With this out of the way, and another Kuroko V Slam Dunk update set to come out this month of May, we'll also include KvS' own headlines/storylines along with PlayStation buttons/icons, and add more presentation files such as title screens, globals, etc. However, the main objective for the release of Kuroko V Slam Dunk v1.1 this month is to release the fictional teams such as the Uncrowned Kings, Slam Dunk All-Stars, etc. so the amount of content related to presentation updates for Kuroko V Slam Dunk may be limited.

NBA 2K14: PlayStation Buttons

Ever made mistakes in the game due to the confusing layout of the buttons when using generic gamepads? I know I have. If you're a PlayStation user then you're in for a treat too.

There used to be PlayStation buttons/icons that were released in the past but none of them seemed accurate, it either had swapped/switched L & R buttons or didn't have the buttons on the offensive end, just the defensive end of the game. Now, we have full PlayStation buttons for all parts of the game such as both in-game, as well as the menu screens.

These buttons have been implemented in Med's NBA Roster, FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14 and can be seen in the english and gamedata files separately. For Med's NBA Roster downloaders, that'll be easy since the download link for both the updated headlines and PlayStation buttons belong in the same link down below. Remember that Med's NBA 2K14 Gamedata had updated NBA referee attire so that's also implemented in this file. If you didn't know that, you should check out the article on the gamedata's updated referee attire right here.

However, since the english and gamedata files are in separate links for FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14 (english is in the Logos & Scoreboards pack while gamedata is in the Optional Files), you're going to have to re-download both of them to implement these new additions. Don't worry! It's worth it since we've also re-uploaded the logos anyway to include a fix on the 2016-2017 Sacramento Kings' logo which had an error in its original release.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Play Station Buttons

Remember when I talked about planning to adding Marvel & DC-related mods to the series? If not, you can always read about it in this article.

For those of you that don't know this game, this is Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PC (also on the PS2 & XBox, then re-released in HD on the PS3, XBox 360 & Wii) which was released back in 2006, as part of the series started by Activision's X-Men Legends. The sequel to this, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, was not released for the PC which was a shame. However, Marvel Ultimate Alliance has a modding community, just like the NBA 2K modding community, in Marvel Mods. That's why the screenshots I took are drastically different from what you may remember from the game originally (without mods).

So what am I doing, modding Marvel Ultimate Alliance? I was originally looking for ways to incorporate Marvel Ultimate Alliance models into NBA 2K cyberfaces which I completely believe is possible, albeit, there is a bit of a learning curve on how to modify MUA despite our current knowledge on how to modify NBA 2K. With that, I realized that there were no PlayStation buttons/icons released for Marvel Ultimate Alliance, so I decided to modify the game, release my update on Marvel Mods in my first thread in the community.

So for those of you who are wondering about this, it's an awesome game that is modifiable to the point where you can change the characters in the hero select roster, up to a point where you can even use downloaded non-Marvel characters. DC characters such as Batman & Superman have been created by modders for the game, much like the crazy stuff we do here in the NBA 2K modding community. Although the game they're modifying is definitely more dated (MUA was in 2006) than what we're modifying (NBA 2K14 was in 2013), it still holds a ton of replay value like NBA 2K does, with mods.

So be sure to check it out if this is your kind of thing! Want to recommend or suggest other games to modify? Just hit us up!

What about XBox buttons?

What about users who want to use XBox buttons/icons? Traditionally, for most PC games such as NBA 2K14, the game detects the XBox controller if you have a legitimate XBox gamepad and automatically uses the textures for XBox buttons. However, if you're using a generic USB gamepad but want to use XBox buttons since you're more accustomed to them, feel free to send a request since I personally haven't received any requests for XBox buttons (only PlayStation buttons have been requested before), and I'm sure it'll be an easy addition.

Now, again, to download the updated gamedata & english files for Med's NBA Roster which contains the updated headlines and PlayStation buttons, the link is down below. For FIBA 2K14 & PBA 2K14's PlayStation buttons however, you're going to have to re-download BOTH the Logos & Scoreboards (english file) and Optional Files (gamedata file) in their respective Downloads sections to implement the buttons. Have fun!

Download PlayStation Buttons, Headlines & Gamedata for Med's NBA Roster

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