Med's NBA 2K14 Gamedata Released

Was looking for an updated referee attire mod and couldn't find anything so I'll be releasing my updated gamedata after collaborating with Raden 2K. Learn more about the progress on the Phase Three and how it's going to shape up as it's going through finalization and beta testing.

Med's NBA 2K14 Gamedata

Updated Referee Uniforms

This gamedata primarily features the new NBA Referee Uniforms that are the officially used uniforms of NBA referees starting with the 2015-2016 NBA season. Originally using the gamedata texture files from NBA 2K16, I realized that NBA 2K16 didn't really have accurate referee uniforms. The colors were off and weren't really accurate. After collaborating with Raden 2K, we were able to make a more accurate referee uniform with the colors corrected and overall design correct. The NBA logo & corrected Adidas logos have been implemented in this file, replacing the original file. The other textures and items in the gamedata file, such as the referee cyberfaces, controller icons, rim net, etc. are all from the default NBA 2K14 global. Basically, this only updates the NBA referee uniforms. If you want to implement this in your own personal NBA 2K14 gamedata file, feel free to export the textures and import them into your own gamedata file.

This as one of those unplanned releases that I don't really talk about, but just so happened that I was interested in making (like the release of the NBA 2K14 Global & Updated NBA Scoreboard Logos). Med's NBA Roster's next release will feature Christmas jerseys for all teams as a result of my collaboration with Double-A (tutsyroll and maximize10 on NLSC). The Double-A brothers will provide the Christmas jerseys files for all of the NBA teams while my roster will provide the necessary jersey slots for all teams. PBA 2K14 v9.1 will be released very soon (within the next few days I hope), we're only waiting on four jerseys, two arena updates, one scoreboard updates and a few cyberface updates here and there. FIBA 2K14 v4.2 is only missing 5 coach cyberfaces before being released. Kuroko V Slam Dunk's next update will be the v0.2 update which will feature three other major teams from the Slam Dunk anime, such as Ryonan, Shoyo and Kainan! KoroX has already started the cyberfaces for Ryonan. There may be another surprise for the year of 2016 for those who like to stay entertained and informed about the updates from the Medevenx series with more detail. We'll release more information about this surprise once Phase Three ends. Stay tuned for more updates!

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