PBA 2K14 v9.1 Released

The long-awaited PBA 2K14 update has finally arrived! As expected, here is the new semi-major update which features your basic roster updates and newly added teams, updated cyberfaces, stadiums, jerseys, and scoreboard, as well as a new court and song added to the soundtrack. Make sure you fully read the blog post to learn how to download the new update!

Updated Roster & Cyberfaces

Your basic roster updates are present in this semi-major update which features updated ratings, tendencies, rotations of every team based on their last official box score, accessories, positions, and transactions. This adds the transaction where the Barako Bull Energy acquire Rodney Brondial and the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel acquire Jervy Cruz. Michael DiGregorio, who just signed a 2-year contract with the Mahindra Enforcer has also been added to the roster. A total of 65 cyberfaces have been added to the update, which features new cyberfaces for players like Gabe Norwood, Asi Taulava, etc.

Gilas Pilipinas 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 & Old Rosters

Other than your basic roster update, we have decided to add the Gilas Pilipinas 2.0 lineup (2014 FIBA World Cup), the Gilas Pilipinas 3.0 lineup (2015 FIBA Asia Championship) and the Gilas Pilipinas 4.0 lineup (2016 Basketball Olympics in Rio Qualifying Tournament). We've also decided to add the old 2015-2016 PBA rosters which are compatible with the current rosters in an Ultimate Base Roster-style fashion for those who wish to play the old rosters. The rosters will now be dubbed as:

PBA 2016 Phil Cup
PBA 2015 Govs Cup
PBA 2015 Comm Cup
PBA 2015 Phil Cup

The Fictional Home Court rosters, however, will only be available for the PBA 2016 Phil Cup rosters as there are multiple re-brands and team name changes in the past that the fictional home courts for the current rosters would not be compatible with the old rosters.

Updated Jerseys & Warmup Jackets

All of the 12 PBA teams now have updated warmup jackets which are based on what the players wore during the PBA Season Opening Ceremony back on October 21, 2015. Jerseys are also updated for the NLEX Road Warriors (corrected back design), TNT Tropang Texters (corrected logo), and the Meralco Bolts (corrected orange jersey color). Jersey Numbers & Name Fonts were also updated for the Alaska Aces, San Miguel Beermen, Rain Or Shine Elasto Painters & Mahindra Enforcer thanks to Jhonel Pangan of Jhonel Designs. All of the 8 UAAP teams now also have updated jerseys thanks to RMR17 & his brother of Sandbox Mods.

Updated Stadiums & Al Wasl Sports Club

PBA 2K14 v9.1 fixes the dorna system for PBA 2K14 that makes it fully compatible with your NBA 2K14 rosters. We now encourage you to backup your dorna000, dorna001, and dorna006 if you were ever experiencing crashing with your NBA rosters during home games at the Los Angeles Clippers & Milwaukee Bucks' home courts. The new stadium for the Smart Araneta Coliseum & polished by both Mythbuster & Medevenx fixes this issue, and also fixes any "freezing" during the loading session. The Smart Araneta Coliseum & Mall of Asia Arena's stanchions (backboards) have also received updates from Mythbuster. Medevenx however has added the Al Wasl Sports Club, the venue for the games played on November 6 & 7, 2015 in Dubai.

Updated Scoreboard & Soundtrack

Khimsanity brings the updated "2016 Smart Bro PBA Philippine Cup" scoreboard (now smaller in size) for this new update. The soundtrack has also been updateed with the addition of "Liga Ng Mga Bida" by Abra featuring Aya of Project Pinas. It now replaces "Ito Ang Liga" by Sam Concepcion, Ebe Dancel & Gloc-9 as the startup song with "Ito Ang Liga" being moved to a different spot on the jukebox.

Future Updates

Pinoy 2K Modders, the modding team behind PBA 2K14, expects to take a short break after releasing this huge update. We expect to be back with PBA 2K14 v10, which will hopefully feature the 2016 PBA Commissioner's Cup update, the UAAP Season 78 roster update, as well as updating the NCAA Season 91 jerseys (NCAA Season 91 rosters expected to drop in PBA 2K14 v11). With PBA 2K14 v9.1 being released today, Phase Three nears its conclusion as FIBA 2K14 v4.2 is set to be released (with only 2 cyberfaces remaining to be done by the FIBA 2K Team). FIBA 2K14 v4.2 is expected to be hopefully released this weekend. New stuff is set to come around three weeks with new surprises for those who want to be more entertained while they learn more about the mod updates. Hopefully, this surprise will be unveiled very soon.

To enjoy these new updates, please make sure you download the NEW PBA 2K14 Appdata Files, PBA 2K14 Logos & Scoreboards, and PBA 2K14 Optional Files in the Downloads Section. The PBA 2K14 v9.1 Follow Up Pack is located at the bottom of this blog post for the new cyberfaces, jerseys, and stadiums. The PBA 2K14 Main Directory Files 10 has been re-uploaded to include the PBA 2K14 v9.1 Follow Up Pack for those who have not downloaded PBA 2K14 v9.0.