#MedSpeaks : Life of a Modder

Med speaks on this original article by Andrew on the NLSC website on January 4, 2016 on why modders stop modding.

Excellent read, especially for those that have been modding for a long time (talking about years). People (Users/Downloaders) don't seem to realize that a person changes over the years. Their personality, reponsibilities, perspective, etc. all change. The username may not change and that leads to downloaders that the modders are the same person from when they first started, that's clearly not the case.

Having been modding for a few years now, taking only a 9-month long break back in 2014 due to a motherboard malfunction and general disinterest as we were all ready to move from NBA 2K14 to 2K15 (something we were all annually ready for, but hit with a surprise when the game changed requirements). I remembered simply how fun it was to share my work with others. People who were unaware of modding kept asking me "Why does your NBA 2K look so different, it's looks a lot better and has updated looks" when they don't realize that WE (the modding community) are the ones that update the game. These people think we just download, especially when we can't say that we individually made the specific mod we are using.

But that's the fun about sharing. Seeing our work used by others, allowing them to see us using their work, it's a partnership. It's the tiny words in our head saying "I'm the one who made that" without having to publicly announce or brag about it is definitely enough for us modders that do not do this for "fame", but the genuine desire to share ALL of our quality work without keeping anything to ourselves. Once modders who have left, remember that feeling of relief (it is kind of the actual feeling) when you see other people using what you just made a few hours ago, they're sure to come back.