Med's NBA Roster v3.5 Released

Happy New Year everyone! Mostly an ordinary NBA roster update with reimplemented 2013 Christmas jerseys for the San Antonio Spurs & Golden State Warriors, new transactions, updated ratings, rotations, accessories, animations and positions changes!

Christmas Jersey Updates

Odd enough, we found out that the NBA rosters up to now didn't have the 2013 Christmas Jerseys for the San Antonio Spurs & Golden State Warriors. After finding out that they weren't in the roster, both were reimplemented in the new roster update. The files were already in previous packs so there is no need to re-download the Main Directory Files. The 2015 Christmas Jerseys' accessory colors have also been updated in this roster, as well as fixing some minor mistakes in the color combinations of certain teams such as the Dallas Mavericks and the New Orleans Pelicans.

Basic Roster Updates

Tony Wroten has been waived by the Philadelphia 76ers and Russ Smith has been waived by the Memphis Grizzlies. The Philadelphia 76ers have signed Ish Smith, while the Washington Wizards have signed Jarrell Eddie and the Memphis Grizzlies have signed Ryan Hollins. A number of ratings, tendencies, accessories, positions, body types, skin tones and animations have also been updated. The rotations have once again been updated in this roster. Because there were no file additions in this roster update, more attention has been paid to the ratings and other aspects of the roster for a better overall experience.

MyCareer Testing

I've personally tested MyCareer mode after receiving specific reports stating that crashing occurs after the interview of the 2nd game of the season. After finishing the 2nd game, it saved properly and no crashing occured. After this test, I can say that MyCareer does not crash and any crashing that occurs for your MyCareer is no longer considered an issue related to Med's NBA Roster. This means if you are still experiencing crashing issues in MyCareer, I'm sorry but it seems to be working so there is nothing more that I can do.

It is pretty unfortunate for the rest of Phase Three to start in January of 2016, as it was expected for everything to be released in December. However, the modders of both the Pinoy 2K Modders (for PBA 2K14) and FIBA 2K Team (for FIBA 2K14) are quite occupied now. With no release date as of now, hopefully we can release PBA 2K14 v9.1 during the Semifinals of the 2015-2016 PBA All-Filipino Cup. As stated earlier, there is no need to re-download Main Directory Files 17 as there are no file additions. Just re-download the Appdata Files. Please do NOT forget to read the Changelog to learn more about the changes in this update.

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