PBA 2K v13.0 Released

The newest PBA 2K update has just arrived! We complete the 2012-2013 PBA season rosters with the debut of the 2013 PBA Commissioner's Cup and Governors' Cup rosters! We also finish up the 2016 Oppo PBA Governors' Cup roster, add the 2016 Team USA rosters, finalize the 2016 Gilas Pilipinas roster, add new Import Vaults and a ton of new updates such as updated jerseys, around 70 new cyberfaces, updated courts and more!


If you were PBA 2K13 users back in the day, this is considered a huge throwback since the new PBA 2K update features accurate rosters from that season, this time in NBA 2K14. Now with a complete 2012-2013 PBA season, the new imports from the Commissioner's Cup and Governors' Cup back in 2013 also make their appearance in the Import Vaults 6 and 7 for the 2016 PBA rosters. The Import Vaults 6 and 7 will also be featured in the 2015 rosters soon enough, when a very quick follow up update is released to include the new 2016 PBA All-Star Weekend features. Now that the 2012-2013 PBA season rosters are complete, we will focus our attention on future updates to include rosters from the 2011-2012 season, which will be a throwback to PBA 2K12.

Team USA vs Gilas Pilipinas

We've always included the multiple versions of Gilas Pilipinas but they never got to face anyone in the PBA rosters. We decided to bring Team USA to PBA 2K since there aren't any new cyberfaces to be added for the teams to be used in PBA 2K. Of course, other national teams are included in FIBA 2K which you can download if you want the full experience of having Gilas Pilipinas face other national teams like China, Argentina, etc. The USA and updated Gilas Pilipinas rosters are available in the 2016 PBA rosters. They will be featured in the 2015 rosters once the follow up PBA 2K v13.1 update is released.

2016 Updates

The new updates include the new logos for Phoenix and TNT, new scoreboards for the 2016 PBA season, and around 70 new cyberfaces. We also incorporate the PBA's new policy on sleeves being the same color as their jersey in Team Color 2. The new scoreboards are still for 16:9 monitors and have their own Scoreboard Logos that are different from the Scoreboard Logos for 4:3 monitors in a similar fashion to the FIBA 2K scoreboards. We removed the 2015 PBA scoreboards in favor of the new format of 2016 PBA scoreboards by Kieler 2K. So if you want to install the new scoreboards, you have to install the new Scoreboard Logos and the scoreboard of your choice. The new logos are also included in the Logos & Scoreboards pack, as well as the bootups for the PBA Optional Files. The Optional Files also feature the new Gilas Pilipinas theme in the updated Jukebox. The global for PBA 2K has also been updated to feature smaller arms on the Fat body type.

Future Updates

Future PBA 2K updates will feature a very quick follow up pack which will include the new 2016 PBA All-Star Weekend updates, and the long-awaited fictional PBA draft class. The Draft Class already has 45 out of 60 players ready, and just need some finalizing before being ready to be released. As mentioned earlier, our next update will focus on the 2011-2012 PBA rosters. As you may have noticed, we still haven't updated any of the college teams, this is simply because they are difficult to update. There aren't enough stats or high quality images of the player's faces, and even their jerseys to update them. Not only that, it's difficult to update the Filoil Flying V Centre because of the lack of accurate images to be used.

To download the new update for PBA 2K v13.0, be sure to download the newest PBA 2K Appdata Files and PBA 2K Main Directory Files v13.0. For the all of the new logos, scoreboards, etc., please download both the PBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards and the PBA 2K Optional Files. Thank you and enjoy!

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