Seushiro's Animation Mod v3.1b Beta & Blank Overlay - Medevenx Wipe

Seushiro's animation mod has received a new update! He added new dribble animations, silently fixed a lot of bugs as well. A blank overlay with the Medevenx wipe logo has also been released.


God Shammgod! The dribble move God Shammgod made famous, maybe even invented, used to be in previous NBA 2K titles and was subsequently removed in NBA 2K14. Now it is back and replaces Hesitation 2 and 3 from the Hesitation Dribbles animation pack. Behind The Back 7 has also been replaced with the Double Behind the Back dribble. Some minor glitches and errors have also been fixed in this update.

Download v3.1b Beta Now

Blank Overlay - Medevenx Wipe Released

A blank overlay (without the NBA 2K14 logo in the lower left corner) has been released, along with the Medevenx logo that replaces the 2K Sports logo in the wipe. This file is the gooeyoverlaysstatic file which you should create a backup of.