Med's NBA Roster v3.9e Released

With one final game upcoming to decide the 2016 NBA Champions, we provide one more minor update for Med's NBA Roster! We fix some team colors and updated some ratings, accessories & rotations as well. A new feature has been added to the roster as we've unlocked the practice jerseys for all teams, making them available in Exhibition & Association/MyCareer modes. We've also made a few fixes to the Overseas & Retiree Vaults, as well as add Jerry Stackhouse to the Retiree Vault.

Practice Jerseys Unlocked!

Other than your regular roster updated with updated ratings, accessories and rotations, we've also learned that practice jerseys can be unlocked in Exhibition & Association/MyCareer modes. We decided to add it as a new feature for the roster and unlock all the practice jerseys for all teams.

Jerry Stackhouse Added to Retiree Vault

One of the retirees that have we missed in the last update is Jerry Stackhouse, so we added him to the Retiree Vault. We also moved Pops Mensah-Bonsu from the Overseas Vault to the Retiree Vault. We removed Carldell Johnson, Josh Davis, Chris Wright, Kevin Murphy, Ryan Reid, Sean Williams, Larry Owens from the Overseas Vault as well since they need a bit more attention to detail which did not make it to this update. The cyberface error regarding Othyus Jeffers and Brandon Davies have also been corrected.

Team Colors Corrected

We slightly changed and corrected team colors for the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings. The Warriors now sport new blue and gold colors, with the blue no longer looking purple. The Knicks also have a new blue and orange, with the Timberwolves ditching the green for a new silver color. The Kings also adopt a new purple color in this update.

Future Updates

The reason we haven't released Med's NBA Roster v4.0 is we want to have a final version of the 2015-2016 NBA roster first. The roster is still going through edits regarding ratings, animations, accessories, etc. so we want to finish the season before we release the new 2016-2017 NBA season roster. In that new roster, we will have the new coaching changes, the new jerseys for the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings, the schedule will be adjusted to 2016-2017, the salaries will also be adjusted, etc. After the NBA Finals, we will release the very first version of Med's NBA Roster v4.0 on NBA Draft night (June 23).

To download this new update, you only have to download the Appdata Files. That's right. There's no need to download any Main Directory Files for this update. Enjoy!

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