#ProjectFreeAgency Med's NBA Roster - July 14 Update

A lot of players have been moved signed the last update, and some players have had ratings and position updates. The Overseas Vault & Retiree Vault is now working as originally designed, now you can trade or release the players!

July 11-14 Free Agency

A total of 8 players have been moved. Isaiah Canaan has been signed by the Chicago Bulls. Christian Wood moves to Charlotte. The Brooklyn Nets sign both Luis Scola and Joe Harris. Jared Sullinger goes to Toronto. Pablo Prigioni comes back to Houston. Jordan Hill is now with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Luke Babbitt has been traded to Miami from New Orleans.

    July 11-14 Recap
  • Isaiah Canaan Signed (CHI)
  • Christian Wood Signed (CHA)
  • Luis Scola Signed (BKN)
  • Joe Harris Signed (BKN)
  • Jared Sullinger Signed (TOR)
  • Pablo Prigioni Signed (HOU)
  • Jordan Hill Signed (MIN)

  • Luke Babbitt Traded (MIA)

  • Spencer Dinwidde Waived (CHI)
  • Lamar Patterson Waived (ATL)
  • Tony Wroten Waived (MEM)
  • Toney Douglas Waived (NOP)
  • Joel Anthony Waived (DET)
  • Cameron Bairstow Waived (DET)
  • Andrew Goudelock Waived (HOU)
  • Drew Gooden Waived (WAS)

  • James Anderson Removed (Overseas)
  • Sergey Karasv Removed (Overseas)

Subsequently, 8 players have also been waived from their teams. The Bulls waive Spencer Dinwiddie. Atlanta releases Lamar Patterson. Tony Wroten is a free agent once more after Memphis waived him for the second time in the offseason. The Detroit Pistons waive both Joel Anthony and Cameron Bairstow. The Houston Rockets let Andrew Goudelock go and Drew Gooden has been waived by the Washington Wizards. James Anderson and Sergey Karasav have both been removed from their respective teams (Sacramento & Brooklyn) to be moved to the Overseas Vaults.

Overseas Vault & Retiree Vault Changes!

The Overseas Vault & Retiree Vault now work as they were originally designed, which was being able to trade them to other teams (and other vaults), as well as release them into the Free Agents for you to sign them in Association Mode! You can now build your own vault lineups if you want to play them, such as putting Kobe and Shaq on the same team against T-Mac and Yao Ming, etc.

Future Updates

As we know from the last update, we're adding more content to Med's NBA Roster v4.1 which will feature Main Directory Files 22. We are going to add more rookie cyberface updates and shoes. We will also see the addition of the Summer League courts, as well as the addition of three courts: a Medevenx court, NLSC court and HoopsVilla court for the Overseas Vault & Retiree Vaults. We will also add a Retiree Vault court, and we are strongly considering adding new jerseys for the vaults.

If you weren't able to download the July 1 update that was released the before, there was a Follow Up Pack required for it that you're going to need to download if you haven't already. You can always check it out here. If you've already downloaded the July 1 Follow Up Pack from the previous update, you're only required to download the Appdata Files for the July 14 update.

We would like to remind everyone of the notes from the initial v4.0 update. The contracts are not updated, we are waiting for the contracts to be finalized for us to adjust to the in-game salary cap since salary caps cannot be modified in NBA 2K14. The second round NBA Draft rookies do not have guaranteed contracts in the NBA yet so we did not include them in any of the rosters yet. Even if they already have guaranteed contracts, we still need to wait for them to make the final cut of the teams. When they make the final cut, we will include them probably close to Opening Day for the NBA. We are now naming the updates according to the date that they are released in the Philippines, rather than the date that they are based on in the USA.

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