#ProjectFreeAgency Med's NBA Roster - July 10 Update

A total of 6 signings have been made today. Two players have their sheet offers matched by their original teams, Javale McGee has been waived by the Dallas Mavericks and Tim Duncan officially retires!

July 9-10 (Official Days 3 & 4) Free Agency

The Miami Heat have signed three players and re-signed one of their own players, namely Wayne Ellignton, James Johnson, Willie Reed, and Tyler Johnson respectively. Troy Daniels has been signed by the Memphis Grizzlies and Jarrett Jack adds scoring power to the bench for the Altanta Hawks. The Portland Trail Blazers also match the sheet offer for Allen Crabbe.

    July 9-10 Recap
  • Wayne Ellington Signed (MIA)
  • Willie Reed Signed (MIA)
  • James Johnson Signed (MIA)
  • Troy Daniels Signed (MEM)
  • Jarrett Jack Signed (ATL)
  • Tyler Johnson Re-Signed (MIA)
  • Allen Crabbe Re-Signed (POR)

  • Javale McGee Waived (DAL)

  • Timothe Luwawu Activated (PHI)
  • Furkan Korkmaz Stashed (Overseas)
  • Tim Duncan Retired (SA)

The Dallas Mavericks have also released Javale McGee. Because Furkan Korkmaz of the Philadelphia 76ers won't be playing this season, we stashed him in the Overseas Vault and activated Timothe Luwawu for the 76ers. We also update a few ratings for this update.

Tim Duncan Retires! #ThankYouTD

Tim Duncan officially retires! We remove him from the San Antonio Spurs and add him to the Retiree Vault. #ThankYouTimmy

Future Updates

We want to add more content to the growing mod and with that, we will be collaborating with a number of modders for the next big update, v4.1 which will feature Main Directory Files 22. It will have new rookie cyberfaces by big-shot-rob and Hener2K, new shoes by Andre Emnace, and new courts by Kieler 2K, so stay tuned! We MIGHT add some 2nd rounders to the roster too, those with the guaranteed contracts at least.

If you weren't able to download the July 1 update that was released the before, there was a Follow Up Pack required for it that you're going to need to download if you haven't already. You can always check it out here. If you've already downloaded the July 1 Follow Up Pack from the previous update, you're only required to download the Appdata Files for the July 10 update.

We would like to remind everyone of the notes from the initial v4.0 update. The contracts are not updated, we are waiting for the contracts to be finalized for us to adjust to the in-game salary cap since salary caps cannot be modified in NBA 2K14. The second round NBA Draft rookies do not have guaranteed contracts in the NBA yet so we did not include them in any of the rosters yet. Even if they already have guaranteed contracts, we still need to wait for them to make the final cut of the teams. When they make the final cut, we will include them probably close to Opening Day for the NBA. If some signings were not added yet to the update, it most likely means that the missing signing is part of the update for the next day (in this case, July 11). The update is called July 10 update due to the fact that in the USA it was July 10.

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