Basketball Olympics in Rio Scoreboard Released for FIBA 2K

An Olympic Scoreboard for the FIBA 2K update has finally been released! A lot of scoreboard logos had to be re-made for this scoreboard, that's why it took a long time to be released. This new scoreboard, with the addition of the new scoreboard logos, greatly enhances the Olympic experience in FIBA 2K v6.0!

Olympic Scoreboard

The Olympic Scoreboard is completely new compared to previous FIBA 2K scoreboards. Because of that, it makes use of its own Scoreboard Logos. To install the new Olympic Scoreboard, download the newly re-uploaded FIBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards and extract the files from the "Scoreboard - Basketball Olympics in Rio" folder such as the english.iff, newscorebug.iff and teamwipe.iff. Then, also extract all of the files from the "Scoreboard Logos" folder.

If you haven't downloaded the latest update for FIBA 2K, please download our FIBA 2K v6.0 update here.

Download Basketball Olympics in Rio Scoreboard Now

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