FIBA 2K v6.0 & Universal Portrait Project v3.9 Released

Finally, the Basketball Olympics in Rio update has arrived after months of development! Huge thanks to everyone that was involved in this big update such as Maravich, iamSamke, Dunix, Monzki15, etc. There is so much new content in this update, it's one of our best updates yet! We also update the Universal Portrait Project to include the new portraits for the newly added Olympic players!

Roster Updates

All existing teams in FIBA 2K that qualifier for the Olympics such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, France, Lithuania, Nigeria, Serbia, Spain, USA have been updated to their 2016 Olympic lineups. Not only that, but we also update the 2016 rosters for the FIBA OQT lineup for Canada and Turkey. We also add two new teams, the EuroBasket 2015 lineup for Poland and the 2016 Olympic lineup for Venezuela. Venezuela replaces Ukraine in the 2016 FIBA Olympics roster. The rotations for the teams have also been updated and as accurate as their most recent game. Coaches for both Venezuela and Poland have also been added to the roster.

Court Updates

FIBA 2K v6.0 fixes the misaligned FIBA OQT courts that were in FIBA 2K v5.1, and includes the new Rio de Janeiro court for the FIBA Olympics. All Olympic teams have Carioca Arena 1 assigned to them, while the other teams that were only in the FIBA OQT were assigned to their respective FIBA OQT arenas.

Jersey Updates

We updated the 2016 Olympic jerseys for Angola, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Francee, Japan, Lithuania, Nigeria, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Senegal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, USA and Venezuela.

Universal Portrait Project v3.9 Update

For the newly added players for the Olympic update, we also added the portraits to the Universal Portrait Project. All of the new players and coaches have new portraits now. As for the NBA players and rookies, the NBA still hasn't publicly released their new portrait shots from Media Day, so we have to wait for those images to be publicly released before we can update the Universal Portrait Project to include the NBA rookies and new portrait updates for NBA players.

Download Universal Portrait Project v3.9 Now

Future Updates

A follow up update for the FIBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards will arrive this weekend for the new 2016 FIBA Olympics scoreboard that will be released. There are a lot of scoreboard logos to make so it will take some time. Thus, we have to release it separately this weekend.

If you have the latest version of FIBA 2K (v5.1), please proceed to the Downloads section of the website and download both the FIBA 2K Appdata Files v6.0 and FIBA 2K Main Directory Files v6. The FIBA 2K Logos & Scoreboards haven't been updated yet, but will be updated this weekend. So be sure to check regularly to be able to download the updated Logos & Scoreboards soon.

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