Universal Portrait Project v4.0 Released

The Universal Portrait Project has been updated and the rookie portraits have arrived! A few NBA players with new looks also receive portrait updates in this new version of the Universal Portrait Project!

Rookie Portraits & Player Portrait Updates

All of the rookies drafted in the first round have portraits now. While some second-rounders still don't have portraits, we will eventually complete portraits for all of them. As for the NBA players, a number of players such as Derrick Rose, Jeremy Lin, Aron Baynes, etc. receive portrait updates. Some may still not have updated portraits, if you feel as if some players need a portrait update, please do some by contacting us through the Facebook page or through the NLSC development thread.

NBA Roster Update Coming Soon - MyCareer Fixed

We noticed a few things with the roster from v4.1 onwards. There were some players that had "IsUnused" set to 1, and "IsRegular" set to 0. More importantly, the latest roster had over 170 Free Agents! The last working roster, v4.0 only had around 140 Free Agents. We feel as if we can only have 150 Free Agents in a single roster. With that said, we did some further checking on the roster and removed a total of 64 Free Agents that are currently playing or last played overseas. We also retired 11 players who should have been retired in the previous rosters, as well as removing Bryce Dejean-Jones who died this year (RIP). Because of this, we can confirm that it is not the shoes or other parts of the roster than is causing crashing.

I've added the new players without having to consume the Create-A-Player & Create-A-Team slots. That way, the user will still be able to create players and teams to their fulfillment. We might be able to see a new roster with the retro NBA teams still intact, while also having the retiree and overseas vaults just because of this. So, when is the update? Apparently, I still have a lot of work to do because I need to re-implement the vaults and make sure that the retro teams are compatible with our current animations, socks, etc. Also, teams are finally announcing the final cut for their opening night lineups. Each team can only have up to 15 players by opening night, so teams with over 15 players still need to release some of their players. We have to wait for all teams to announce the final cut before we finalize the rosters.

Download Universal Portrait Project v4.0 Now