Med's Birthday! Request for Donations!

Hey everyone, it's my birthday and as we prepare for the beta roster update that will be released in the next 24 hours, I would like to personally request for donations to celebrate my birthday!


While we keep our roster updates and other mods completely free, even going as far as not making you go through 5 second advertisements per download link just to make it convenient for you to download much faster, we haven't really received an donation in months. We don't necessarily request for donations to proceed with the updates, as we don't really have any conditions or prerequisites for users before we work on updates, so even if you don't send a donation, the beta roster update will still be released in the next 24 hours. Donations show us the appreciation for all of the hard work we've done for four years, right as we enter our fifth year of modding NBA 2K games. Since it is my birthday, there is no better occasion to show your appreciation for our works through donations than now. A donation button also be added to the bottom of the website in case you wish to donate anytime.

As for MyCareer being fixed, I am still running my final two personal tests for the roster before we release the beta in the next 24 hours. If the roster does not crash, we will be able to release the full version that is MyCareer compatible. However, if the roster persists on crashing, further modding and testing must be conducted, which is very time consuming. Thus, a beta of the roster update will be released instead, that will be compatible with Association mode, Exhibition mode, Blacktop mode, but will not be compatible with MyCareer mode.

Donate via Paypal