NBA 2K14 Pulled From Steam

Unfortunately, both NBA 2K14 & NBA 2K15 were pulled from Steam without warning. Not only does that mean that NBA 2K14 will no longer be available for legal purchase digitally, it seems like NBA 2K14 will no longer be available for legal purchase at all now considering that physical copies of the game have long been discontinued and are hard to find nowadays.

NBA 2K14 Digital Copy

Steam is the largest video game distribution platform for PC. With that said, not having NBA 2K14 available for digital purchase at any time hurts a lot. 2K Sports pulls old NBA 2K video games from Steam when new games are released, that is only natural. However, it is quite noticeable that NBA 2K14 was not pulled sooner and was pulled from Steam at the same time as NBA 2K15. Nowadays, only the previous NBA 2K title (NBA 2K16), the current NBA 2K title (NBA 2K17), and the next NBA 2K title (NBA 2K18), are available on Steam. Not just that, the price of NBA 2K games are rising every year.

NBA 2K14 Physical Copy

Now that there is no more digital copy of NBA 2K14 available for legal purchase, only a few stores actually still have physical copies of NBA 2K14 on the shelf since 2K Sports doesn't produce any new physical copies of NBA 2K14 anymore. However, you can still try to purchase a physical copy from your local video game store such as Gamestop or DataBlitz.

Future of NBA 2K

With no more digital copy of NBA 2K14 and physical copies no longer being produced, there doesn't seem to be any legal way of acquiring NBA 2K14 anymore. Honestly, it is a bit of a difficult decision right now for 2K Sports since they gave us an extra year before they pulled NBA 2K14 from Steam and while a lot of those who do not have powerful PCs still want to play NBA 2K games, they cannot play the newer next-gen titles that are being released by 2K Sports. Of course 2K Sports wants us to purchase the newer titles in the franchise, but I believe they need to realize that those who are playing NBA 2K14 instead of the newer titles do it because their PC can't handle it. Most of the time, people who love NBA 2K and have powerful PCs upgrade to the newer NBA 2K titles anyway. I believe that keeping NBA 2K14 on the digital store will not hurt their newer titles' sales because the market for those that still play NBA 2K14 is completely different from the market that plays the new NBA 2K titles.

2K Sports should consider putting NBA 2K14 back on Steam for those that cannot play the newer titles because of system requirements, that way there will still be a legal method of acquiring NBA 2K14 on PC. As for us, we will continue to update rosters for NBA 2K14 for next season, as the NBA 2K14 modding community is still going very strong and isn't going away any time soon.