Seushiro's Animation Mod Changelog

Seushiro's Animation Mod Changelog

NLSC Devlog Post

Version: v3.1b Beta

  • Replace Hesitation 2 Stand with Shammgod v1
  • Replaced Hesitation 3 Stand with Shammgod v2
  • Replaced Hesistation 2 Moving with Shammgod v3
  • Activated Double Behind the Back for Behind The Back 7
NLSC Devlog Post

Version: v3.1a

  • Added shot fakes to bases D. Lee, H. Barnes, A. Bogut, R. Westbrook, and D. Williams
  • Changed D. Howard base since animation is the same as J. Johnson
  • Redid H.Barnes base for Curry shots. Both shots now have quick release and the same timing for players convenience. Old Curry Set shot moved to V. Carter slot.
  • Changed R. Westbrook Base
  • Changed D. Williams Base
NLSC Devlog Post

Version: v3.1 Beta

  • Fixed nba animations upload error
  • Updated D. Lee, D. Williams & H. Barnes Bases
  • Updated H. Barnes Release
  • Updated S. Curry Free Throw
NLSC Devlog Post

Version: v3.0

  • Added New Shot Bases for: A. Bargnani, M. Beasley, C. Billups, V. Carter, T. Evans, D. Gallinari, K. Garnett, P. Gasol, D. Granger, D. Howard, K. Irving, M. Jordan, D. Lee, B. Lopez, D. Robinson, J. Smith, A. Stoudemire, K. Walker, J. Wall, R. Westbrook, D. Williams
NLSC Devlog Post

Version: v2.0

  • Fixed a file in the post which I missed in previous version. I replaced the regular file with its Mirrored file.
  • Barry Free Throw Return (Ty Thomas Slot)