New Website Launched!

A New Era of Medevenx

Welcome to the new website for Medevenx!

This website is dedicated to integrate all of my works, mods for NBA 2K14, news & article blog written by me, and my own pixel art portfolio into one website. Designed by Sid Vishnoi of HoopsVilla, both websites are considered partners and affiliates of each other, with each contributing to the other. The website is powered by Blogger.

Full conversion mods such as FIBA 2K14 and PBA 2K14 are available on this site, as permitted by the FIBA 2K and PBA 2K development teams. We will also be posting all of our future NBA roster updates here, and we will be moving all of our stuff from the NBA roster updates from the Medevenx series here. A mod to be released in the future, titled "Kuroko V Slam Dunk" which is a full conversion mod featuring rosters, jerseys, courts from both Kuroko No Basuke and Slam Dunk anime will also be released here.

Learn more about Medevenx: The profile, the NBA 2K modding features and compatibility of all NBA 2K14 mods, the pixel art in the About page which is located at the bottom of every page.

Updates on the website next week will include a home page for the website, as well as some template editing to properly show the images on the home page. The site is still not completely finished and is still being worked on by both Sid Vishnoi, and me.

FIBA 2K14 will be updated within two weeks.
NBA 2K14 rosters will either be updated by the end of September or on NBA Opening Day.
PBA 2K14 will be updated in two months (a couple of weeks into the first PBA conference)
Kuroko V Slam Dunk is still in progress, Slam Dunk Previews will be revealed next week.

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All related modders, individuals, websites and modding teams are all given profiles in the Related page.
Feel free to contact me whenever by visiting the Contact page which is also located at the bottom of every page.

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